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  1. Hello Mathijs I received a add from Aerosoft saying that the PA 46 and navgraph G1000 is on sale. I've been wanting this aircraft for some time since I first purchased it from Flight One back in the day. Now I have the version that was advertised from Aerosoft sitting in my shopping cart ready to buy, but before I do, asking if it's compatible with PD3 v5? I hope so. waiting for your answer. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  2. I own the Twin otter Extended edition. Is this compatible with PD3 v5? Also the turbo edition is compatible with PD3 V5? Can I install the turbo version in the same sim as the extended version? Which version Otter comes with the Antarctica X scenery? Thanks for your answers in advance. Bill M
  3. Thanks. I have the community folder opened, what folder am I looking for? only Aerosoft folders I see is for the CRJ.
  4. I'm assuming that I purchased it from the Microsoft Store, It's the Microsoft version. The only Sim I own from Steam is FSX SE.
  5. Where is there manual or something telling how to navigate to this scenery. I installed but there's no reference where or airport names or where to navigate to. Where is this info located please?
  6. I'm trying to purchase Fairbanks Professional X for PD3 v5 using my key code for FSX purchase. In order to get discount. But I get message that my key is not usable to get discount. Is there a expiration period the get discount? Thanks for any help Bill M
  7. bigmack

    CRJ 500-700?

    I can't argue that point but appreciate the conversation.
  8. bigmack

    CRJ 500-700?

    LOL can't argue with million users. But I wonder how many are actual Flight simmers ore just casual plug and play users.
  9. bigmack

    CRJ 500-700?

    As a owner of MSFS, It looks good but it's very limited to what I always enjoyed about FS. I'm unable to access any of my aircraft files if I want to modify or edit anything, it's limited in the controls to use with it, I can't edit any of the airport or scenery files I install. It's like playing with my Xbox one. That's why I'm sticking with FSX SE and PD3. And yes x64 platform is seriously being discussed on the steam FS message board. I tried X plane a few times years ago and it just didn't do anything for me. That was about the same time I laid FS9 and FSX to rest. Bill M
  10. bigmack

    CRJ 500-700?

    Interesting according to their message board, Steam was going to release a x64bit version of SE. Bill M
  11. bigmack

    CRJ 500-700?

    I just purchased CRJ package for PD3 v5. Very nice any plans on releasing one for FSX-SE? Bill M
  12. Here it is July 2021 and MSFS still has no better aircraft compared to PD3 v5. I surely wish that you reconsider and make Flight keeper work with PD3. I don't use FK in MS2020 because it has a long way to go to catch up with the x64 PD3 aircraft availability plus in {D3, I can still edit my modify aircraft the way I like instead of accepting what the developer hand you. Please make FSFK compatible with PD3 V5. Bill M
  13. Thank you for your reply. all my Aerosoft sceneries are installed in the main FSX-steam folder. The scenery cfg is in the C:programdata/microsoft/FSX folder. Do I need to create a FSX-steam folder and copy everything from ths FSX folder into the new FSX=steam Folder? I checked the locations with scenery manager and all Aerosoft sceneries are pointed to scenery cfg in FSX folder.
  14. Gentlemen I've been away from FS for awhile but getting my new system back up and running. I have a question concerning the new CRJ aircraft that's being sold by Aerosoft/Digital Aviation before I buy. And I apologize if this subject has been bought up before in the past. But is this the same digital Aviation that sold me a partial Flt 1 Fokker 70/100 aircraft with the promise to complete to all the buyers and nothing ever happened? Bill M
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