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  1. Any plans on making Flight Keeper compadible with P3D? Bill M
  2. For some reason AES will not show menu when at gates at LSZH. When I activate AES at LSZH all I get is screen saying LSZH full. It's turn on in main interface but I get no options. This is FSdream team version of LSZH and FSX. Bill M
  3. Yes this scenery is a waste. I was sorry I made the purchase. Bill M
  4. I finally narrowed the problem down to 2 exclude bgl's in the scenery folder that was causeing the problem. Bill M
  5. So back to the original question...are there supposed to be 2 Airport files in the scenery folder?? Bill M
  6. I deactivated SC1 and that cleared the bleed thru issue. So what bgl files needs removing to make this new version to EKRN workable??? Not trying to sound rude, but nobody at aerosoft tested this new airport with the earlier versions, giving some clear instrutions on how to remove your earlier release. Bill M
  7. I'm getting some serious elevation issues at this airport. I had SC1 airport which included EKRN. I removed all the bgl files I thought was related the this airport, but I still got something bleeding the the new scenery. Is there someone from support who can help with the proper way to uninstall SC1 EKRN???? Bill M
  8. I just purchased the Bornholm Island 2011 X . In the scenery folder there are 2 afd files. 1. AFX_EKRN_X.bgl 2. EKRN_ADE_ADE>bgl Is this normal for this airport?? Bill M
  9. Very nice scenery. I understand that there's night textures but how about seasonal textures. It looks like it either sping or summer there. Are there winter textures? Bill M
  10. I search your forums I have not seen any answers or questions for this issue. The only scenery that comes close to EHAM is your EBBR and Luxembourg. So which is incompatible. Bill M
  11. For some reason there are buildings on the rwy 36R on my EHAM for FSX. I'm not using any other scenery packages for that area other than your EBBR. Have this been seen before or something with my EHAM setup? Bill M
  12. I just purchased your Nice airports. However your server download speed is slower than dailup. Is there something wrong??? Bill M
  13. Could it be the "Luxembourg Airports" scenery that installs the unwanted AI aircraft and traffic files. Bill M
  14. Does any of your latest scenery releases install AI aircraft in airplane folder?? ie LOWI,LEMH. I have a bunch of AI aircraft from MyTraffic X installed in my airplane folder. And I know I didn't install anything from My traffic on my system. Bill M
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