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  1. Thanks for that will e mail
  2. Hello everyone. I have a problem. I installed Ibiza X now whenever I start FS9 i get error "Scenery read problem attempting to open non existant directory". When FS9 loads there are no ground textures other then at addon airports, which flicker madly. There is no AI anywhere, and the world is covered with vivid blue, which looks like a water texture gone wrong, and thats if it doesnt CTD. I have uninstalled FS9 and reinstalled, problem still there. Anyone any ideas. Cheers
  3. Thanks guys the scenery is awesome. One question though , even when I install with no statics , I have a static A330 Emirates over by the maintenance areas. Is there a way to remove this, its just that I dont like static aircraft. Thanks
  4. Hi James Have been working on this all day and finnally worked it out. Had some incompatible files in my base folder, which when deleted sorted the problem. So happy flying for the rest of the day. Cheers
  5. I have noticed a few negative comments about the newly released Fly Mex scenery, Mexico City and Central. To be honest I have just installed the scenery and was pleasantly surprised, its way better than the default and the few freeware sceneries out there, so I will give it a thumbs up. The one problem I have noticed is with the landclass out of MMMX, the large lake that lies to the north east of the airport has land tiles creating a rather unpleasant appearance on the lake, with rectangles of land and water. Its not a file in the landclass folder causing the problem, so am trying to find what file is causing the problem in the scenery folder. Any solution would be greatly appreciated. Thanks folks
  6. Thanks UKFlyer that has rectified my problems too.
  7. Hi Shaun I have disabled the trees as Mr Brown suggested and the flickering has now stopped on my set up, is it possible this could be graphic card related I run an ATI Radeon X1950 pro, would be interesting to hear if anyone else with this problem has the same card. Cheers
  8. I have the same problem with flashing buildings but only at Dortmund, especially the houses to the side of the main terminal building and at the opposite side of the runway. Have not noticed it at Cologne, Munster, Hannover or Frankfurt.
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