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  1. Yes both froze towards the end of the flight. DCDU was on and both were on the FP pages. I had printed out a CPDLC clearance earlier with no issue but later during the flight from CYUL-KLAX, had to do an emergency landing in KLAS because both systems were frozen.
  2. Happened to me after i had printed. Then it happened again after i tried to connect to a center. I was on NAV and it went off course, wasnt able to click any buttons on both FMCG's
  3. +1 on this, sorry to intrude. Happened yesterday while using the CPDLC, both FMCG's froze, all the other buttons worked in the flight deck but the 2 FMCGs
  4. CPDLC wont show on my mini cdplc screens. How do you start it please.
  5. Yeah just the GSX vehicle and i have installed the file but still it shows under the plane. But since this is a FSDT and not AS then guess just gatta wait for a fix.
  6. It's just the GSX vehicles. I'll try it out and report. I thought for a sec that it was elevation.
  7. Bought ENVA from simmarket so downloaded and installed from there. Attached is my ORBX list
  8. It's outside of these folders. Admin rights, no AV.
  9. Where would be the best place for example i have my sim addons in D:Lockheed martin /p3d/addons. Again not trying to be difficult just wanna do it right the first time so I don't take up hard working peoples time.
  10. Yes i have FTX and its set on YES and everything on HIGH besides the animation and and static aircraft which ive lowered or set too off. Do you recommend installing the scenery in ecosystems/aerosoft?
  11. I have checked the manual and can't find or too dumb to see where the mesh setting is or level needed, i apologize. On my scenery library ENVA is on the top.
  12. Just to update, i tried a full reinstall plus update using the ASupdater and tried another flight with the same results.
  13. Good evening, hope everyone is healthy and safe. Got an issue with ENVA P3Dv5.1. Was looking for all my gsx vehicles and as i moved around noticed everything was under the aircraft. My insertion points are set and i already reinstalled and removed any double scenery.
  14. This is the first time ive had this particular error. I dont use any AV. When i tried installing into where my P3D is in my D drive like all the other sceneries, i got a message saying it has to go into a folder.
  15. Evening, i got an error message after I tried downloading eddf from the aerosoft account. Also got the other error from the updater. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  16. A333 cfg attached. aircraft.cfg This is what happens when I try to update. First time I've ever had this issue since I owned the busses. CRASH.txt
  17. Wishing everyone here a very Happy New Years. Is there a chance of getting an Royal Jordanian A330? Thanks.
  18. Ok so tried the folders and it won't update.
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