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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Just a simple texture mod to make the backup indicator have the rounded corners from newer planes. Definitely not 100% accurate to the real one but it looks pretty close. Should also theoretically work with the A32X since the textures are the same. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP THE ORIGINAL TEXTURE SOMEWHERE. To install just drop the file in "[Wherever you install your addons]\Aerosoft A330 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A330 Professional Base\Panel_Fallback\AB_System." MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP THE ORIGINAL TEXTURE SOMEWHERE.
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  2. Version 1.01


    Contents of this ZIP-package: Airbus A319 IAE Turkish Airlines TC-JLY (clean and dirt) Repaint by: Holger Sobl Aerosoft paintkit by: Stefan Hoffmann Installation (Airbus Livery Manager): Start the aerosoft Airbus Livery Manager and drag the ZIP-File into the list - or click "Add Livery" and select the desired file. You get a preview of the new livery - and install it with just one click. (You can read all Livery Manager functions by clicking the "?" button!) If you are looking for more or other repaints then you can also look on my homepage http://simtexture.de!
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