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    I would be careful in your comments here such as 'Me thinks you doth protest too much my friend' with comments such as this I feel Aerosoft is brushing away the concerns of a large group of customers, who likely do not bother posting here. Having to wait quite a long time (and what ever Aerosoft says about dev time, it was a long time) for the A330 and having the A320 series with things missing, such as the much wanted but continuously missing popout ND display and being up to the A330 standard now being told this and being told we protest too much! sorry but I think Aerosoft needs to re-think their approach! Not developing other versions of the A330 is a choice for Aerosoft however I agree the the poster it a very disapointing one. And continuously saying the amount of time and effort and man hours and cost etc it takes to make these is not our concern! that is a business issue for Aerosoft, if it cost so much charge for it! People will not think less of you if you offer a product and charge for your efforts, not wanting to charge for updates is I think silly. Anyway this post will of course not be allowed to be posted but as a long time and loyal AS customer I hope you might consider taking this on board. Respectfully AL
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    At this point, I am completing ATE helicopters for scenery Poprad - Tatry. Going back to the airport buildings.
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    I assume you're talking about Discord? Sounds like you have a Discord account that you need to log into. One Discord account per email, one login per email address at a time. If this is Discord you're talking about and logging in doesn't resolve it, you'll have to contact Discord as I have no earthly idea what's going on. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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    And it is a matter of fact that real world pilots usually know better than hobbyists. This is especially true when it comes to technical details. Simmer xyz might have seen something else in another addon. Fine, they probably used other manuals or either product might have a bug. Let's see it from this side: Somebody like you, a username we have never seen, just 15 posts in our forums, not even a name included, posts something technical which he claims is right. Do we have any source to validate your statements? No. So we ask our pilots what they think. If none is available at that time we look into the books we have. If neither confirms your statement we simply have to turn it down unless you can provide a proof yourself. That's the way it works. Do you know we recieved a hundret bug reports that the course selector would be missing on the FCU from people with the same outside appeoarance in your forums as you have? Do you know how many 12 year old 747 captains we deal with who are absolutely right and never did any mistakes? Of course a type rated pilot may also be mistaken. I can be mistaken. In fact I was mistaken on this one. Yet my answer represented the statement of the pilot I talked to before posting it. So what, proof that I'm wrong and we're looking into it again.
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    Im Airbus gibt es keine "Maintenance" Möglichkeit wie bei der B757/B767! Nur die Möglichkeit im EFB unter FAILURES zu RESETEN.
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    One of the static models will be the Bell 407 of AIR - TRANSPORT EUROPE. A fairly interesting process for creating aircraft models in SketchUp
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    And in fact is close to release.
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    We are testing the new installer. Once the tests are complete, it will be released. Can't give a date because it depends on the tests.
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    While working on the project, I found out that Poprad Airport has one of AIR divisions - TRANSPORT EUROPE, in the fleet of which is AGUSTA A109, which I decided to make a static model for scenery Poprad - Tatry. The original building in ATE colors will also definitely be in LZTT
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    The building with the control tower is ready. I did not want to make it very dirty, with drips, etc. The interior of the tower will be quite simple. The ceiling with ceiling lamps, which will be on the texture, several simple tables, armchairs and a couple of monitors. The interior of the tower can also be disabled in the configurator.
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    Thanks for the coordinates! Try to reduce ground and air traffic in the simulator settings in Kosice. If you have set the maximum number of generated objects in the simulator, try to reduce these values. These are the characteristics of my computer: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-3450 CPU 3.10 GHz RAM 16 Geforce GTX 1060 HDD - SSD 250 Gb Attached screenshots of the settings in the simulator. With these settings, I have approximately the same frame rate at all airports from 30 to 35. As a rule, I tested frame rates on the ATR 42 Carenado. I understand that settings are a purely individual thing. Once I tried to configure the video card using the proposed settings NVIDIA Inspector. The image was beyond praise but the frame rate at the same time dropped sharply throughout the simulator. These settings were not for my computer specifications. I’ll think that it’s possible to adjust when preparing the Kosice update so that the frame rate is higher. Poprad is 70% equipped with 3D objects. Remained static, animation of energy-intensive components. So far I do not see problems with frequent frame rates. More flexible Poprad configuration in a configurator is supposed. I am in this thread on the forum, or in Kosice I wrote my email address, you can write to me on it.
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    Amazing job!!! Thanks a lot. Raffaele

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