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    .per are performance files for PFPX. Have a look at the installation instructions on airlinerperformance and you'll learn how to install these files.
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    As far as I know EGLL is not in the US (yet). The USA, as much as they'd like to be, are not the whole world
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    Version 1.1.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1912 for best results. Updates for RAD Restrictions and Directs are cumulative. Changelog Update: Route Restrictions and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: Route Charges (Nov 2019) Update: implemented Free Route Airspace Romania (FL105+), including some cross-border directs with Hungary and Romania (SEE FRA) Update: adapted Free Route Airspace Georgia and Armenia (FRA South Caucasus - FL195+) Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Hamburg group (EDDH/HI/HL) arrivals via Rhine Radar south sector Regards David
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    Man kann es zusammen verwenden (im Sinne von gleichzeitig installieren und bei Bedarf entweder das eine oder andere nutzen), wenn man es richtig installiert (TerraMaxx über SFD Global in der Scenery-Packs.ini). Dabei fällt dann der TerraMaxx-Automatik-Modus flach und SFD Global ist nur sichtbar, wenn TerraMaxx auf 'off' eingestellt wird, bei Verwendung der Jahreszeiten werden dann TerraMaxx-Texturen anstelle der SFD-Global-Texturen dargestellt. So wäre dann im manuellen Modus noch möglich im Winter oder Herbst zu fliegen und anstelle des TerraMaxx-Sommers kann dann SFD Global als Sommer verwendet werden, indem man TerraMaxx ausschaltet. Ich würde aber derzeit nicht empfehlen, TerraMaxx zu kaufen, wegen der besagten in Entwicklung befindlichen Alternative und der Konsequenz, dass Entwickler nicht alle vorhandenen Seasons-Konzepte gleichzeitig unterstützen können und daher die weitere Unterstützung von TerraMaxx rückläufig sein wird (weitere Informationen dazu).
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    Since it has been a few months I fixed the issue myslef with my limited skills. Replace the file in the \Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Sim-wings Canary Islands Professional\Tenerife\texture folder and overwrite when asked (make a back-up first!)... GCTSgr51.zip
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    Approach Airport Chania, named after the Crete resistance fighter “Ioannis Daskalogiannis”, now in Prepar3D! The international airport is located on the Akrotiri peninsula that is part of the island of Crete in southern Greece. The scenery offers a highly realistic flight experience thanks to high-resolution ground textures and more than 39,000 auto generated trees, vehicles, and 3D buildings on the entire surface. Dynamic lighting, sun reflections, animated vehicles and windsocks as well as seasonal changes help bring the airport and its surroundings to life. The add-on is also compatible with Orbx Global, Orbx Vector, and Orbx Open LC Europe. Features: High detailed ground textures and runway - taxiway lines Fully depicted new apron layout, parking positions lines and markings High detailed 3D objects High detailed 3D buildings including the new terminal building completed in 2018 More than 39.000 custom autogenous trees, vehicles and 3D buildings covering the entire imagery area Dynamic lights in the apron area Polygon/FX lighting if no dynamic lights are used Animated vehicles in the apron area SODE fully animated windsocks Automatic seasonal textures change for fall winter spring and summer (ORBX and Default versions) Pre-rendered self-shadowing (Ambient Occlusion) at 3D objects Fully compatible with ORBX Global, ORBX Vector, and ORBX Open LC Europe Mesh terrain enhancement for the Airport's Peninsula and the whole western Crete Detailed Coastlines Snowy "White Mountains" (the 8.045ft mountain at the south of the Airport) from October to May (the snow coverage changes every month) Sun reflections on ground (more visible during dawn and dusk) High detailed night lighting including detailed 3D taxi and runway lighting with automatic activation/deactivation based on time of day and weather conditions High detailed 3d grass FLAi and default AI traffic

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