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    Feel free to show everybody that you have little understanding how handling a thousand or more download a day work. To set up a high bandwidth FTP server is easy and cheap. We have 11 of those in fact. The issue we face is caused by an update of the forum software (11 days ago, not three times as much as you claim). The makers of the software have admitted the issues and have been working with us to solve the issue. The last news we had was this: And we can only hope that that is indeed true. The matter is out of our hands. The next time we run into an issue like this we will be sure to call upon you to move 30.000 files to another server, index them anew and create an interface so registered forums users can download them. With all legal aspects that come with that, believe me that is these days a major issue, our legal costs have skyrocketed with the new European laws. As you say we are not a small company but even for us this will take a serious amount of time. The chance we would have been able to solve this with a complete new download server in less time then Invision will be able to solve it is rather small. And of course it would be a massive waste of time and money when Invisions solves it. As Otto said you simply have no idea what is involved. I do not blame you for that, but the tone of your postings is not acceptable. Our server people worked around the clock until we found the issue. As I find you postings unrespectful towards our server staff I will lock your access to the forum. As said feel free to point out how silly we are in other forums. I just respectfully ask you tell the complete story. Just point people to this topic and we'll let the reader decide who is right and who is wrong.
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    Hi, as the download section is still down, I will upload the files in this thread, till the section is available again. File can be found at the bottom of this post. ======================================================================== To be used with AIRAC 1810 or 1811 for best results. Update: AltCap, RAD and Directs Update: added Free Route Airspace Bulgaria again (FL175+) Update: adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: - Munich EDDM arrivals via Marseille UIR and then Milano UIR Download file can be opened with: 7-zip, IZarc, Winrar, ... Regards David ======================================================================== Update 1811.rar
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    Dear Ladies and Gents, I would like, once again, to point out several things. While flying today LSZH-LICJ-LSZH, once again, the Weather radar, nor the Terrain Radar was working. As I was approach Zürich, I could encounter clouds and severe turbulences on Active Sky's Map, but my ND still kept playing dead. WXR and TERR is simply dead for three days - I will expect it to work once again without any reason in some days and then disappearing once again. I can't reproduce it. TERR Radar on ND I. Picture - Lining up in LICJ with high terrain and water ahead - no ND working. III. Picture - Approaching GIPOL in LSZH/ZUE WX Radar II. Picture - WXR was set to "WX+T" with -5° Tilt and PWS AUTO and SYS 1 on. Simply, dead, during the whole rotation. Engine Sounds I am logging my flights on smartCARS for Swiss Virtual - and this is the prove that the sounds nor the "setup" of the engines is working correct. While spooling up and reaching the self-running speed of the engine, the sounds stutter and the engine jumps between on and off - even acars is logging this event as follows: [15:26:43] Pushing back with 9491 kg of fuel [15:27:36] Engine 2 is on [15:27:37] Engine 2 is off [15:27:42] Engine 2 is on [15:28:24] Engine 1 is on [15:28:25] Engine 1 is off [15:28:26] Engine 1 is on Also, while cutting the engines off, I dont experience any spool down. Its just like killing them. Its nearly immediaetly quite. Environment / Wind Sounds When taxiing under CAVOK/ISA conditions while hitting 20kts Groundspeed (GS) I do encounter the really loud sound (like lowering the gear on approach). Is there any fix? Flightmodel This is the most subjective one - but let me try to explain what it feels like. First of all - while flying the aircraft, I do encounter a quite good Autotrim. Protections like low speed aural warnings, Alpha Floor etc. is sufficient for me. But, basically while landing and taking-off this bird, I feel like flying a bag of rice. What do I mean? When hitting VR and trying to rotate this aircraft, there are only two ways. Taking forever, or just punching the nose up. Both - and I was flying deadhead on the jump last week on an A320 in europe - was not what I did experience during this take-off. It could be steered really fine with small inputs, whereas my Airbus is flying really rough. While landing, and having still problems to find any adjustment of my X52 Pro Flight System to have a normal acting Elevator, I am in a good situation not to deploy reverse thrust until my NLG is already on the ground. If I do not pull my stick to the back while touching down, my nose is just dropping like a dead elephant and quitting this with a loud "brrooummppf" while the NLG punches the runway. When applying reverse thrust, its even worse and not controlable. While discussing this topic internally on VATSIM Germany, three other colleagues with different set-ups agreed to this behaviour. Autoflight and Autothrottle not corresponding to Speed Restrictions While departing Düsseldorf (DUS) with a speed restriction of 210kts maximimum, which was of course previously assigned in the MCDU and recognised in the PFD, the Airbus remained in THR CLIMB Mode during the departure. I can reproduce this problem in Zürich (ZUE) without any problems - as nearly every departure requires a procedure turn directly after the acceleration altitude. So, while putting the thrust levers back into the "CL" notch as announced in the lefthand upper side of the PFD, the modus changes to THR Climb. Even when pulling the speed knob and selecting 210kts, the modus does not change and remains in THR Climb. Checking the same departure on a - lets say - similar aircraft from another developer, this behaviour was not encountered. Weather Options for MCDU Readout on ATC COMM When hitting SHIFT+4 to open the Options MCDU, I have to assign prior to every flight VATSIM Weather. Why does this aircraft does not save this option? Finally, last but not least, the product looks beautiful, yes. It is really nice that those Cargo Door bounce, when they are finally opened, but those items which are stated above are really killing the mood for this plane. It is beautiful to look at, I do really feel like home in the cockpit and with those sounds. The performance is good, it is working outstanding good with GSX (for example the fueling system, well done!) - but, to he honest, I feel like a beta tester. I have de-assigned all my Virus Detectors for Airbus, Aerosoft, Activesky...and so on, but I do simply encounter all those problems above. To keep with a positive vibe - picture three shows a beautiful departure from Palermo. I would really like to see those pictures in the future. I know that there is anotother product, way more expensive, and maybe way ahead. But those items above are simply an evidence of a good beta-product, like Players Unknown Battlegrounds still is (sorry, sidekick). So, to be honest, could you give us an overview of the major findings / bugs + respons to those critics and a target, when those bugs are beeing fixed? For me, the aircraft ist currently not ready for operations, to be honest. Don't get me wrong and I would really like to keep it objective - therefore those attached picture which show obvious bugs. (P.S. I did a small test in MUC with the weather and terrain radar. Was working perfectly. While doing another test in LOWI, nothing...) So, lets remain with this small words - looking forward for a feedback from your side, and I am also looking forward to help in anyway to improve your product, because I am putting all my hopes on the A330. Best Regards from Germany, Alexander EDIT: One more point. The managed decend mode is a mess. Descend rates around 5000-7000fpm experienced several times, therefore I am doing them now only in selected modes (last picture).
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    I somehow decided to reboot my Twin Otter Paintshop ... no idea why ... Some WIP screens, don't ask when they will be finished. They are done, when they are done! As usual those liveries will come with an interior upgrade, too. I know there's no DHC-6-400, so I'm using the old Air Seycelles DHC-6-300 interior layout. Greetings, Daniel
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    What you describe is normal behaviour. THR CLB is the most corresponding to CLB mode. The Airbus will pitch for speed in CLB and thus THR CLB is still the thrust mode since it will keep climbing with full thrust, regardless of what the speed is as long as you are in CLB or OP CLB. The pitch is then adjusted to keep the desired speed. That's how this mode is designed to work. Imagine it like LVL CHG in your favorite Boeing. Only in VS or FPA modes during climb the A/THR will engage in SPEED mode, adjusting thrust to maintain the speed. The big difference between real life and simulation is force feedback. The real A320 has a very high resistance on the side stick and even the smallest input will make quite a difference. In return this means that if you have a joystick with a low resistance then the Airbus will feel very easy to oversteer. This is nothing we can really change, you simply have to be careful with the controls. When connected to a stick with a realistic force the Airbus will be very easy and precise to fly. Just as the real one. While the picture seems to be missing (pic 1, 2 and 4 are identical and show your departure from Palermo) it seems like you might have a misunderstanding of what the WXR should indicate. Assuming you mean the same departure from your screenshots above, it does not look like anything should be shown on the WXR then. A WXR shows precipitation, not clouds. And it does not look like you had any precip there. Setting the tilt to -5 while in WX+T mode will not give you any good indication as the beam is just pointing down and there is not a lot to be shown there. In case you tried to see some terrain returns (which is the only reason I can imagine you to turn the tilt down during departure), this will only work if you made the according switching on the WXR panel. Which from your description you did not seem to do. And obviously you need to have the brightness of the overlay turned up, just like Tom described you for the terrain already.
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    Missionen? - ja. Reales Wetter einstellen und von A nach B fliegen, vorher eine grüdliche Flugplanung, durchschnittliche Zeit bis zu einem Was-auch-immer Ausfall auf einen niedrigen Wert setzen, und los gehts. Ach ja, du fliegst ja Heli. Wie wäre es dann bein Wind einen sauberen Nasenkreis zu fliegen? :-) Oder den hohen Hut? Autorotation mit Landung auf einem Zielfeld? Viel Vergnügen :-)
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    This is indeed an topic we are at this moment working on.
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    Hello, you may have a look on this thread. Did you modify the Flex temp for takeoff or did you leave it? If you took another flex temp setting, please try not changing it and post your results here. That would be an interesting information.
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    I can ask the dev if there was something modified for IAE in regard of flex calc. Only thing that was modified is the CLB perf of the 320IAE. I will look into the intersection calculation. Maybe it can be added.
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    Also, ich habe mir auch den FS2 zusätzlich angeschafft mit den Addons: South Florida, Northeastern USA und das Freeware HD-Texture Pack for Southwestern USA. Aber man sollte davon nicht zu viel erwarten. Vom Prinzip her ist das ein Kinder-Flugsimulator als Vorstufe zum X-Plane. Grosse Städte wie NY oder SF sind nur im Kernbereich auch sehr schön modelliert, sowie besondere Naturareale. Aber aussenrum herscht gähnende Leere und man fliegt über einen toten Bilderteppich. Also ohne Strassenverkehr, fast keine Vegetation und auch kein annimiertes Wasser. Das ist einfach nur eine feste Bodentextur. Und wenn auf dem Satellitenbild ein Schiff mit Bugwelle zu sehen ist, hat sich der Hersteller nicht die Mühe gemacht, wenigsten ein 3D-Modell von einem ähnilch grossem Schiff darauf zusetzen. Das kann man auf den NY-Screenshot von Northeastern USA gut sehen. Im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger fühlt sich auch die Flugphysik nicht so realistisch an wie im X-Plane. Wenn man zB abwechselnd nach links und rechts volle Queruderausschläge macht (Rollübung), hat man im X-Plane eine relativ realistische Taumelbewegung auch um die Hochachse beding u.A. durch das "negative Wendemoment". Bedeutet: Jene Tragfläche mit Queruder nach unten, bremst. Im FS2 fliegt das Flugzeug wie an einer Schnur gezogen. Das war sogar im Vorgänger besser. Alles in Allem, schöne Optik, aber mehr auch nicht. Gruss, Meik
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    Sorry if this has been asked before, But I am just wondering if the A330 will come with Automatic Step Climb, like in other long haul planes released for P3D. This would allow us to cheat and set up a flight plan before going and doing something else!! Thanks for all the work you are all doing!
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    my tip, check all the locked topics regarding the server as there are several posts a week regarding this
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    Everybody had. I have a couple more issues (of the more rare and nasty kind) to fix but I hope to release a new update within the next two weeks.
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    Hello, We really apologize the very loooong absence here in the forum... we´re glad to announce that we don´t have Ebola, are not lost in Antarctic or even dead… As Mathijs wrote the "fantastic thing" what happened to us is our second daughter, so our time was very limited. That´s of course not an excuse for no updates. We are going to release the new PFPX version within the next weeks (we try to release it before start of the worldflight 2018) – in advance we would like to post a few screenshots … Best regards, Judith
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    Just as an FYI. Posting of RW Airbus documentation here will result in it getting removed due to copyright issues. Thank you all for the help but we have the charts ourselves. Also “helpfull” graphs that show that the A320 flies in FL410 get removed.
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    Hi Holgi, Thanks for all the hard work! To keep you busy , can you make a livery for the A319 Air Corsica (CCM). Thanks in advance
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    Some WIP screenshots, still a lot to do here and there ...
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    Hi Mathijs, No, I'm not. I only speak from a simmer point of view, and seeing other flight dynamics by other developers from multiple aircraft (the other bus also) the first thought is that the AS flight dynamics are pretty off from what are supposed to be. Why? Well, how close they are to RL? I have no idea, but I can only speak subjectively form YT videos and personal feeling after years of FS. And the easy conclusion with all this "subjective data" is that the other developers numbers are more accurate than the AS. Maybe the others are wrong, maybe. But even if the others were wrong, wouldn't be easier to rework the FD to be closer to simmer expectations? It would save AS a lot of time from discussing this topic with fussy guys like me.
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    You know we love airports out of the way at Aerosoft and here is one Kiruna. All objects optimized for new shadow technology City objects like important buildings and also the LKAB mining area. Main airport ESNQ with all buildings modeled in high detail. The small airport ESUK Kalixfors (former military field) also included. Snow and ice on apron and all buildings. Ice Lakes in the winter in the close area of Kiruna and the lake of Torneträsk including some buildings. Light Bulbs placed over the main roads and city streets (could be used as option) (BGLs) compiled with P3D V4.3 SDK, using the new material settings. Dynamic lights Detailed apron and rwy textures using the option of bump and detail map Still some way off but it's looking very promising!
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    Can you see the above pics that the "Download application is down"? When does it come back? Just a random question. Becase ppl cannot download liveries now for near to a month. I mean this one. The whole section of the website is down since start of Oct at least
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    I've to agree on almost every single point. Flying a 'Raketenjager' at most of my flights, so SEL is the way to go. I'm tiered from reading the long list of bugs and the growing list of excuses. For me, this product is in early beta state.
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    I thank you for the answer and explanation but i have a hard time to understand it, really. I hope you dont tell us that a developer like Aerosoft, one of the biggest in the market has no way to go rent a server on his own and make the liveries available there? How can you rely on a forum software developer to give us liveries.... Then just find another way, comeon. Yes im aware that it cannot be a random 2.50 EUR per month server with the load you will get but there are many cheap enough ways that dont take a lot of money of your side, nor a lot of work. We are talking about an ftp server that hosts file. Nothing fancy. Really, everyone who knows me knows that im a very calm person and always (nearly) are on Aerosofts side when it comes to the daily rants but this here is something very very hard for me to follow.... This whole livery thing was already bad right from the start of the Pro version. Yes, a lot of it is on the livery creators hands if he doesnt follow this and that etcetc. But honestly, if it takes you one month to give the people a few simple files to download then im not sure what to say, sorry...
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    you think deleting my topics will make me stop? There are other places to express this, no worries... Your on the way to loose one of a good supporter of yours

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