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  1. Thank you Herman! I never left, only changed the aircraft I work with I got a new logo (way better than the old one), set up a "cheesy" website and started to livestream my pixel pushing on twitch with afterwards uploading the cut streams to youtube
  2. This could be an interesting one, hopefully we get something more advanced as discussed within the Twin Otter Extended Extended topic. There was a pretty long feature request list on what simmers would like to see when getting a new version back in 2017 Let's see if I get my brush out again for this one...
  3. My paintbrush isn't resting at all, I just switched from the Twin Otter Extended and it's developer to another well kown developer with more up to date models
  4. There will be no further updates on my Twin Otter liveries as an "Extended Extended" version was or is in discussion. As I can't predict on how much this will affect the base textures and how they work in the simulator, I won't be putting any more effort, time and money in creating free liveries for now. Reworking them afterwards will require lots of effort, time and money and I'm just not willing to spend this all over again! Creating high quality free liveries is a pretty costly hobby regarding time and money spent in the process. I'm looking forward to the Extended Extended Twin Otter and will then be back with updates.
  5. I will have a look at it, but I won't promise that I will do it. As Herman already said I'm not a quantity kind of guy... if there's enough reference material available I will see what I can do. Normally it takes around 2-6 months for me to create a livery as close to the real aircraft as possible. Currently struggling with Tara Air, Loganair and Winair... alongside my bigger airliner projects...
  6. I’m sorry but I’m not planning on doing this as I got too many requests on updates and airline liveries.
  7. I will have a look at it, but no promise that it will be done!
  8. Next Up: Tara Air - 9N-ALO (former Air Seychelles S7-CUR, it's a 400, I know...) The interior mainly finished as I already did the previous livery, only some Nepal tweaking needed
  9. My Skybus G-CBML livery is now available! https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/files/file/5126-skybus-isles-of-scilly-g-cbml/
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended - Skybus 'Isles of Scilly' G-CBML V1.0 Skybus 'Isles of Scilly' is a small British airline operating as the name already says the Isles of Scilly. Destinations are Exeter, Newquay, St. Mary's and Land's End. This Download features completely reworked Twin Otter Extended textures. IMPORTANT - It's not possible to install this livery using the AS Livery Manager! Livery by Daniel Fürnkäß (Cheesy Simulations)
  11. Work is progressing, but it's quite hard to find suitable photos to work with... Spend around 4h searching the web 🙄 Skybus interior preview
  12. You have posted that request several times now, I know you are waiting for an upgraded Winair fleet, but I can't and won't promise anything... if my time permits, I'll rework my Winair liveries. It mostly takes around 1-4 months creating only one livery so working on requests is quite an issue for me.
  13. The exterior work on my Twin Otter Extended - "Skybus Isles of Scilly Travel" G-CBML livery is mainly finished! The rest of their fleet: G-BIHO, G-ISSG and G-CEWM will be done, too. All with custom details and as close to the original as possible. Moving forward to the interior now! Got some previews for you, too
  14. I did some "fictional" -400 liveries for the -300 model (Air Seychelles). The reason why I won't do it is the mismatching cabin layout. (I know, not all -300 models are the same talking about the cabin setup, but the structure is mostly pretty similar). My liveries always feature an exterior and interior texture overhaul and the panoramic interior just doesn't match the regular interior layout. I'm sorry.
  15. Hi Scott, I've looked at Grand Canyon Airlines many times, but it won't be done from my side as there's no matching model with the panoramic windows.
  16. After getting this many request on the TwOtter I thought I could give it a try again. My TwOtter paintshop is reopened, but it will take time to get through the list. Sadly I can't consider all requests (it's just too time consuming doing all of them). Here's the first one I started working on some time ago: Loganair - G-BVVK I really would like to see Aerosoft getting back to the Twin Otter Extended and make it Extended Extended (really like that topic, btw). Liveries I plan on doing:* Skybus - New Color (nice color theme, like it) Winair - PJ-WII Update, PJ-WIT, PJ-WIP, PJ-WIJ, PJ-WCD Air Seychelles - S7-AAF, S7-AAR (to complete the series) Harbour Air - C-GQKN (Westcoast Air update) or maybe C-FGQH Nepal Airlines - 9N-### (no registration chosen yet) *No fixed list, final released liveries could change! Cheers, Daniel
  17. I'm still doing TwOtter liveries, S7-AAF, S7-AAR and Nepal Airlines are still missing out... but most of those are on hold as my regular job and other paid fs projects keep me really busy
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