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    Very Impressive overall. Lots to do and lots to learn. This is an aircraft with a lot of character and unique piloting. I want to thank Aerosoft for publishing this and I want to say that it is great value for money at a time when for the similar money one can alternatively buy just a set of liveries.
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    Hi, Ostrava 2018 in Czech Republic released! ICAO: LKMT NAME: Ostrava - Leos Janacek Airport TYPE: Freeware FS: FS9 / FSX / P3Dv2 / P3Dv4 DESIGNER: Ivo Poricky Download FS2004 version : http://www.flightsimulator.cz/addon/lkmt-ostrava-mosnov-2017-fs2004/ Download FSX / P3Dv2 version : http://www.flightsimulator.cz/addon/lkmt-ostrava-mosnov-2017-fsx-p3dv2/ Download P3Dv4 version : http://www.flightsimulator.cz/addon/lkmt-ostrava-mosnov-2017-prepar-3d-v4/
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    Any comments about liveries, put them here. For the first 10 liveries uploaded here I will get a free download of your choice (from our products) assuming that the repaint looks okay.
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    Hello Aerosoft/Sim-Wings, Version v1.10 of La Palma consists a flickering boat texture, since it is not mip-mapped. The texture involved is aida-col. I have fixed this myself by adding the mip-maps using DXTBMP and have attached the file so others can benefit from it as well. Can you include this fix in the next version? Thanks, Erik aida-col.zip
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    The installer installs all the aircraft files in a single folder (called "Aerosoft DC8") . The installer offers you complete freedom where to place this folder. For example I install all aircraft add-ons on my NAS so all my machines can use them. After the folder has been copied, the installer notifies P3D V4 where the files can be found. If you have ever used one of our newer installers it will have remembered the location and will offer that as default. We know my users created a folder called 'Aerosoft Add-ons' for that. The big advantage is that you can de-install and re-install your simulator without ever having to re-install the add-ons. If you ever want to move the location of the add-on search for 2 files called add-ons.cfg on your C: drive. That's where P3D stores the path to the add-ons. You can edit that. To disable the add-on you can use the Options / Add-ons menu inside the sim.
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    Or maybe another pop up if the mech call button is pressed on the overhead? I think I saw a video on the MaddogX that did it that way. First we have to get the 32 bit version out, then I can think about enhancements like that.
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    It's under the glareshield, just above the landing gear handle. It's hard to see from the default eyepoint. But you can still click it though the altitude alert box.
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    Correct, but better late than never. To do it by the book you are supposed to have only two cabin compressors on for take off and then turn on the other two later when you have a chance. Two are enough to pressurise the cabin.
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    Please show a screenshot of your scenery library so that we can see where Keflavik sits and whats above.
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    It's being worked on right now. Should not be long.
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    From the product page: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/prepar3d/aircraft/2381/douglas-dc-8 I will also move your post into the correct sub forum.
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    Yes you will need to uninstall the old version first. Not only the installer path has changed, but also the way the add-on is registrated in P3D.
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    A solid 8 out of 10 score. The conclusion (mechanically translated): " The final verdict. The Aerosoft CRJ is a product that has been under development for a very long time and has also experienced a number of setbacks. Nevertheless, there is still a beautiful aircraft put down which in 2017 can do very well! It's a plane with a steep learning curve, especially if you're used to a Boeing or Airbus. Luckily, Aerosoft provides enough documentation to make your device your own. With the CRJ manager you can manage your payload and fuel very well and DAVE works very handy! Of course there are also a number of negative points to mention. By default, there are quite a few different cockpit views available. Because of this it may take some time before you have found the right place. For example, there are no passenger views available. Because this is a plane with which mainly shorter flights are done, this is a little less important (if all goes well, you have a little less time to look out :). In addition, there are a number of small bugs available. For example, hiding the yoke didn't succeed immediately and there are still some issues with navigation. Fortunately, Aerosoft has an accessible forum and hotfixes are regularly offered. For the simmer who likes to do some short flights, this device is highly recommended!"
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    Q: Manual tells me to press two buttons at the same time. How do i do that? A: To simulate this, you need to right-click the two buttons in sequence. Q: It looks like a number of people are having trouble with the INS not following the flight plan when the autopilot is put into AUX mode. A: In most cases I think is happening after going to cold and dark and then starting up the aircraft. When you do this, you must enter the ramp position into each INS and align them. If you don't enter the ramp position, even though it already shows that position, alignment will not work and the INS won't function properly.
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    It´s been like four months now since the last transmission, is there something new on the horizon?
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    Hallo, hier mal ein paar kurze Infos zur Firma Mooney. Für alle, die es interessiert.... Mooney (Gründer Al Mooney) hat eine sehr bewegte Geschichte hinter sich. Trotz der sehr innovativen Maschinen und sehr guten Verkaufszahlhlen gab es immer wieder Insolvenzen. Aber Mooney fand auch immer wieder Investoren, die die Firma im "Mooney" Sinne weiterführten. Das Besondere an den Mooneys ist z.B. das "umgedrehte" Seitenleitwerk. Zudem verzichtet Mooney auf die beweglichen Trimmbleche. Stattdessen wird zur Trimmung der Maschine das gesamte Seitenleitwerk bewegt. Das funktioniert sehr gut und durch die fehlenden kleinen Trimmbleche (und damit fehlenden Turbulenzen) sind die Maschinen sehr schnell. Viele Airliner Berufspiloten fliegen eine Mooney in ihrer Freizeit. Der Grund ist die Geschwindigkeit der Maschinen und die besondere, elegante Form. Und einmal ausgetrimmt fliegt die Mooney wunderbar gleichmäßig auch ohne Autopilot, der aber natürlich vorhanden ist. In den letzten Jahren hat der neue Investor die Ovation (die hier simuliert wird) und die Acclaim herausgebracht. In der Simulation der Ovation hat Alabeo z.B. auch die Bewegung des gesamten Seitenleitwerks beim Trimmen animiert. Mooney's sind schon besondere Flugzeuge.... und das auch hier in der Simulation für den X-Plane 11 .... Viele Spaß damit .... Heinz
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    Hallo, ..neues Update verfügbar für Freeware Add-On BetterPushback BetterPushback V.0.47
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    ICAO: EGACNAME: Belfast City ExtremeTYPE: PaywareFS: FS9, FSX, P3D, P3Dv4 DESIGNER: UK2000 http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/
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    Mein Tutorial bezieht sich auf die JARDesign A 330, Vers. JD330 V2.2R3. Am 2.2.2018 hat JAR ein Update veröffentlicht (JD330_V3). Es ist zwar eine Beta Version, aber immerhin hat sich einiges verändert. Wer es haben möchte, kann diese Version kostenlos bei http://jardesign.org/a330/download/install/JD330_v3.zip tun. Ebenso muss man sich das auf diese neue Version angepasste Ground Handling herunterladen. Der Link hierzu: http://jardesign.org/gndserv/download/GHD.zip Wie geht es? Die alte Maschine wird in X-Plane 11 im Unterverzeichnis Aircraft gelöscht, ebenso im Verzeichnis Resources, Plugins, den Ordner Ground Handling löschen.Also bitte nicht die neue Maschine über die alte installieren, das geht schief. Dann nie neue Maschine wieder unter Aircraft und das neue Ground Handling unter Resources, Plugins installieren. Dann X-Plane 11 starten, A 330 auswählen und irgendwo an einem Flughafen deponieren. Man wird wieder nach seiner Registrationsnummer gefragt. Hier gilt die alte, die man beim Erwerb der A 330 bekommen hat. Eingeben, neu starten und die neu Beta ist drin. Was sich alles geändert hat, steht auf der Download-Seite. Bei mit im Tutorial kann man das FMGC noch nicht aufklappen, das geht jetzt. Die App AirFMC funktioniert mit dem neuen FMGC nicht mehr. Im FMGC ist nun die Taste MCDU Menu wirksam und mit Funktionen belegt, die selbsterklärend sind und nun von hier aus zu bedienen sind. Im X-Plane ist unter Plugins der Ordner A 330 entfernt und dessen Funktionen werden nun vom FMGC übernommen. Weiter ist mir aufgefallen, dass sich jetzt im Stand auch HDG Kurse eingeben lassen. Soweit das Wichtigste. Wenn mir noch was Gravierendes einfällt, werde ich es wissen lassen. Liebe Grüße Henning
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    Version 1.0


    This is a Repaint of the Airberlin - Etihad Logojet A320 CFM for the Aerosoft Airbus X (Extended version only!) REG: D-ABDU (2014) Jakob Rettenwender www.facebook.com/Jakob.Rettenwender if you have any wishes, just PM me
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    Great ... i love the Austrian A321
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    Thank you! But compress better? Don't you want all the glorious details? PNG is even larger than JPG? Anyway, more Qatar: Others are working on Austrian etc, I'm sure they'll they post pics when there're done.. as for A320's, I have not seen a model yet, so patience is required.
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    no worries, someone else is working on Austrian.. As for the other company, they only have A320's as far as I know, and I have not seen that model yet..
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    LIke so? but please note, not all of the textures for the inside of the wing are done yet...
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    Hi. This is the best and most detailed Austrian Livery you can get for the A320. BUT!!! I have a strange Graphic issue at the Tail section. 2016-3-14_18-57-7-480.bmp
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    Cathay Dragon B-HSO Airbus A320-232 IAE Happy Flights..

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