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  1. As Mathijs said moving the p3d CFG file did the trick ...I know can taxi using the ailerons of the yoke.
  2. In my case it does not respond at all. I have tried tiller on off and auto rudder on off in all possible combinations, the nose wheel will not turn. It is mapped to the saitek Yoke.
  3. Thanks so much Tim... Made my day.. I like it due to patriotic reasons.. My parents flew in it ... Plus it has some turbulent history... You are a good man.
  4. Dear Repainters, Thanks for all the lovely repaints, please do consider the Cyprus Airways DC-8: I provide you some more links: Thanks ever so much....
  5. This is the famous Cyprus Airways plane that was hijacked in 1978 N99862 There are better pictures at but I can’t post them here due to copyright issues...
  6. Livery request : Cyprus Airways.N99862 Photo no. 1460191 at Much Appreciated
  7. I would be very happy to have a Libyan Airlines livery mainly because the only times I travelled with a CRJ - 900 was with Libyan Airlines going from Tripoli to El Sharara Field (Akakus Oil Fieds). Totally 4 flights.
  8. Despite the problems and the expectations of everyone I wanted to add that the An2 simulation is a joy and is of a high caliber. I was particularly anxious for it to get released and have been very happy to buy and use it. I have still not been able to use another aircraft since it has been released because not only it is a very challenging aircraft it has (as someone mentioned) tons of character. So I want to applaud Aerosoft and Octopus G for making the project possible. I am sure all the snags will be sorted out soon meanwhile I’m at work and anxious to commute home and get done with my family obligations and get back in the An 2 cockpit. A big Danke(Spasiba) to Aerosoft and Octopus G.
  9. Please Libyan Airlines CRJ 900, this means a lot to me as it is the only actual CRJ 900 I have travelled with (Many times) during my work assignment (sharara field) in the Libyan Sahara.
  10. I apologize for post a request for a Libyan CRJ in the wrong place, I believe this is the right place. The reason I would like to have this repaint is that I have only ever travelled on a CRJ of Libyan Airlines back in 2013 when I was working in the Saharan oil fields. The CRJ was the shuttle to and from tripoli. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please post links in such cases only.
  11. Dear Aerosoft i need to re-install EDDF. My order no. is xxx-xxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx order date 4-January 2006, and I would like to know what is my email (shop) and password (shop) since I have changed countries since then and my simmarket details have changed. Please let me know what I can do. george
  12. yes it works now!. Cheyenne...WOW!!! Unbelievable quality!! g
  14. Dear Aerosoft I purchased the Cheyenne from simarket and the supplied reg code as copied and pasted does not unlock the installation program. I have sent them a trouble ticket as well, still no reply. What are my options here? George Qatar
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