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  1. 145 downloads

    Ghdames Air "Libyan airline" Airbus A320-212 5A-WAT Happy Flights,
  2. 1352 downloads

    Etihad Airways Airbus A319-132 A6-EIE "2015 Livery" Happy Flights..
  3. 3369 downloads

    Cathay Dragon B-HSO Airbus A320-232 IAE Happy Flights..
  4. 252 downloads

    Nesma Airlines Airbus A319-132 IAE SU-NMD Happy Flights
  5. 630 downloads

    Airbus A320-214 Sudan Airways ST-MKW Happy Flights
  6. 542 downloads

    Airbus A320-232 IAE Syrian Air YK-AKA "UGARIT" .. Last Seen JUL 2016 .. One of tow remaining aircraft's in fleet Happy Flights
  7. 413 downloads

    Saudia Airlines "Sky Team" Leased aircraft ( CSA Czech Airlines )OK-OER Airbus A319-112 Happy Flights
  8. 731 downloads

    Saudi Arabian Airlines Private Aviation "ALBAYRAQ" D-APTA Airbus A319-112 CFM Enjoy your flights..
  9. Version 1.0.0


    "Cham Wings Airlines" Airbus 320-211 YK-BAB painted by the company lately.
  10. Version Airbus X Extended A320-2


    Hello, Syrian Air A320-232 IAE Eng: V2527-A5 C/N: 1076 Reg: YK-AKD Name: MARI Enjoy... Jamal Nadeem Syrian Air Virtual
  11. Version A320-232 IAE


    Hello everyone, Syrian Air has operate A320-232 IAE since 1999 with total of 6 Planes owned. YK-AKA/AKB/AKC/AKE/AKD/AKF. YK-AKA name "UGARIT" was the 1st bird delivered to SYR and still spread its wings into the skies until today. Well, to paint a Syrian Air livery is not an easy job because of the many small details containing as well as fonts type/size, plus the exact special blue color with clean slogan. So here you go the "photoreal" YK-AKA UGARIT the way it should Painted by me Happy skies Jamal Nadeem Syrian Air Virtual
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