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    Visual features such as these (adjustable seats, sun visors, tray tables etc) exist on certain aircraft, and to be perfectly honest, after trying them out once, I never bother with them again. I would much rather the effort be put into the actual aircraft systems, or something more important.
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    Good ole Wikipedia... if you read it there, it must be more true than reading it on the general Internet! LOL Anyway, as you already know, down a little further in the Wiki article it said "and no definite availability schedule has been announced", so no more selective quotes to prove one's point as they are almost always defeated and it just starts a he said/she said ruckus. Note: We happily take bribes for assignment of the requested gender and generally speaking we're at least as interested in the nature of the request as everyone else! Plus the article is ANCIENT (I mean rocks don't live as long as that Wiki article.has). All of us (especially me) should use more recent info if we're going to use it, right? For all we know Airbus scrapped their plans and sacked the guy who thought it up and replaced him with 40 SPECIALLY TRAINED ECUADORIAN MOUNTAIN LLAMAS... (look that one up researchers! LOL). Moving on... Best wishes! EDIT: I could be wrong, maybe it was 142 Mexican Whooping Llamas.
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    Absolutely, you're an honest person Neal! You'll believe then that after the 30th Cold and Dark procedure, there are very few people who don't use a panel state - at a minimum to a turn around state for the aircrash (lol). Some won't admit it, but that's what they do. Shoot, when I fire up the NGX it's ready to go except for the FMS and starting the engines! Hey, you know how many people have used a RAT (intentionally anyway) after doing it once, or not at all? Devs get asked for so many things, and it really is always in good faith, but the truth is a lot of the little things are seldom used by someone more than a few times. That's not a guess by the way, I've worked directly with hundreds of flight simmers with varying experience, and communicated with many times more than that! I just like to ask questions, helps me to get the pulse of the community... which is alive and well I'm happy to report! I won't be if I spend this weekend on flight sim, the wife will kill me!
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    Another bunch of useless animations that would decrease performance. Some people may dissgree and that's fine. I'd rather have the available resources spent on stuff that is actually important for flying, like the right FMS and a moving sidestick, depending on the side one is sitting in the virtual cockpit (I know Majestic Software are doing this for the training version of the Dash, with regard to the control disconnect logic).
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    I am considering doing a major update of the Twin Otter aimed at P3d v4. This update would include a few minor fixes here and there but would mainly focus on adding Connected Flight Deck and dynamic light. As this is a lot of work and does not bring in a lot of additional sales it can't be done for free. Think about a 7 euro update fee or something. How would you react to such an update and are there any specific things you would like to see included in such an update?
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    I haven't encountered this before problem before, so I'm not sure how to resolve it. I purchased the Drzewiecki Washington X scenery from Aerosoft. When I tried to install, my WinRAR program would not let me open the installer. Diagnostic message said 'Checksum error ... The file is corrupt ... The archive is corrupt.' I tried disabling my Antivirus program but got same result. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I'm happy to make it public if I'm allowed. It's a modified version of the paintkit provided, so I'm not sure who to ask? Here she is in slightly different light..
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    We got a bit of delay because of some server issues but our testers are now downloading the 1.0.1 build. But we really need some time to check things. - [Changed] Moved userwpt.txt from NavData folder to "<Documents>\Aerosoft\Digital Aviation CRJ" - [Added] DAVE: New aircraft state "Turnaround" to simulate aircraft state after the first flight of the day - [Added] vPilot support (transponder mode and squawk ident) - [Added] Center of Gravity indication on DAVE Payload page - [Added] Takeoff Trim indication on DAVE Payload page - [Added] Sensitivity for autopilot disconnect by yoke not configurable via DAVE Options page 3/3 - [Added] Pilot-defined waypoints on LEGS page (PBD, PBPB, ATD, Lat/Lon, Lat/Lon shorthand) - [Added] Pilot-defined waypoints on DEFINE PILOT WPT page (PBD, PBPB, Lat/Lon) - [Added] Loading and saving of named pilot-defined waypoints - [Added] DAVE: Flaps 20 takeoff speeds option - [Fixed] AP: FD commanding additional bank angle shortly before reaching selected heading in HDG HOLD when AP is off - [Fixed] FMS: Multiple improvements in SID and STAR tracking - [Fixed] MFD: Radius to Fix drawing routine - [Fixed] MFD: Course/Heading to Intercept Next Leg drawing routine - [Fixed] General: Improved loading and saving of aircraft state with a flight - [Fixed] Improved flaps extension/rectraction effects - [Fixed] Improved localizer and glideslope capture - [Fixed] FMS: CTD when clicking TO WPT on the MFD ADV page without a loaded flightplan - [Fixed] AP: Altitude selection knob acceleration - [Fixed] FMS: Zigzagging issue on directs - [Fixed] FMS: NAV Tracking - [Fixed] FMS: TTG/Fuel calculation on directs - [Fixed] FMS: TTG/Fuel calculation on legs with ToC/ToD - [Fixed] HGS: FD indication - [Fixed] 2D Panels: Possible CTD on resizing - [Fixed] DAVE: Doors reopening when clicking "CLOSED" twice - [Fixed] TOD Indication in MFD VNAV window (TOD time & distance not correct yet) - [Fixed] WXR: Increased gain - [Fixed] APU Start in flight - [Fixed] Turn radius fine tuning - [Fixed] Further turn radius fine tuning - [Fixed] Wrong distance and time indication for next waypoint in MFD window - [Fixed] Yoke issues! - [Fixed] (INTC) to DME arc transition - [Fixed] Improved drawing of DME arc and radius to fix legs - [Fixed] CTD when holding is part of the flightplan - [Fixed] (DIR) not commanding a turn (turn condition not met) - [Fixed] Fuel Used now resets if aircraft is powered down - [Fixed] Landing time on FLT LOG page
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    Well, since it's a feature which (according to your link) is planned, and not yet implemented - and certainly not on the airframes, we're talking about in this topic - how do you imagine, that Aerosoft would model it?
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    Möglicherweise einmal NavDataPro so wie hier beschrieben konfigurieren: Gruß Heinz
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    ICAO: KSFONAME: San Francisco International AirportTYPE: PaywareFS: FSX DESIGNER: FlightBeamLINK: http://www.flightbeam.net/ Had AES for KSFOHD and now updated to KSFOHD Version 2. Will Aerosoft update the AES so that I can use it in the new version.
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    simbrief, which is free, is quickly surpassing this expensive program. Quite disappointed in the lack of response.
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    Somewhere over South Africa. Good luck boys and girls!
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    Hey Hans, you should really stop being so rude to your customers simply reporting that the CRJ is LITTERED with bugs. Even after the CRJ hot fix that was "supposed" to fix the flightpath issues, they are still present. After a flight today, the CRJ wouldn't even turn to follow it's flightpath, and I would have to manually turn the aircraft every single time. In addition, it can't even stay on a straight line and continues to veer off the path. Pretty un-flyable at this point. Sad. Go ahead and down vote my comment all you want. But it's the truth
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    There are three different ways to measure speed, all of them being important. The 270 knots you mentioned is the so called Indicated Air Speed (IAS). Source: Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indicated_airspeed) I strongly recommend you to search for a youtube video or read the Wikipedia to this topic as it's quite difficult to understand at first. The second way to measure airspeed you mentioned is the Ground Speed (GS). This basically means, how fast are you moving relative to the Ground. This is also the speed, that is used in order to create a Estimated Arrival Time. You can see the GS on the Navigation Display in the top left corner. Beside there is the True Air Speed (TAS), which is the third way to measure speeds. Maybe this video will help you to understand the difference between TAS and GS. Lets say, you are maintaining a speed of 250 knots (indicated airspeed), but you are climbing further and further. The air density in the atmosphere gets lower and lower, resulting in a higher and higher Ground Speed, due to the loss of air drag. You can try this out for yourself, and you will see the GS rise. However, if you still have any questions, just ask, because it's quite important to know and it sounds a bit complicated at the beginning, but it actually isn't.
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    I guess I will give one of my old FSX pictures a try (made in August 2015 - such a loong time ago now with P3D v4 ) :
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    My try with a colorful tail. Good luck all!
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    On October 22, 2012 23:29 this was send to you: Dear Customer, You ordered the Katana 4x but one was with a Bank Transfer so you still only paid for one, I will delete the bank transfer order. With kind regards, Shaun Fletcher Aerosoft GmbH Flughafen Paderborn/L. D-33142 Bueren HRB1989 Paderborn GF: Winfried Diekmann Get your best FS products at http://www.aerosoft.com Our support forums at http://www.forum.aerosoft.com
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    I'm wondering when is the a330 x for fsx going to be reddy ?
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    We have given him a deadline otherwise we'll remove the product from sale.
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