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  1. I guess I will give one of my old FSX pictures a try (made in August 2015 - such a loong time ago now with P3D v4 ) :
  2. This is EDDM, München. Holdingpoint B14 runway 26L
  3. FlorianG


    Posted at the same time as I did. So I just want to clarify, switching the mode from ABS to REL in the Display Control Unit (as shwon in your video) wirks, but the indicated altitude + xx feet/- xx feet next to an aircraft's diamond stays the same. Hope that helps to clarify
  4. FlorianG


    I do have the same problem.P3Dv4 as well. The indication on TCAS page of the radio tuning unit changes rom ABS to REL, but indication on ND stays the same, even after switiching TCAS to standby/TA only. Pressing TFC on the Display Control Unit (twice of course) does not change anything as well. Other than that, magnificent addon!
  5. FlorianG

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Thanks! omera, you're right Having arrived in Vienna, the Lufthansa A319 pilot makes some sreenshots of his beautiful plane
  6. FlorianG

    AES Development Preview

    Hallo Oliver, gibt es mittlerweile einen Fortschritt? Ich weiß, wenn es was zu sehen gibt, wird das wohl gezeigt, würde einfach mal gern den Stand der Dinge wissen Florian
  7. FlorianG

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Another one of my screenies:
  8. FlorianG

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    Some 737 pictures:
  9. FlorianG

    VA's and piracy

    What did ORBX built in FTX Global 1.1? Another "first, it works fine, and then its not working"? That's a great idea by the way
  10. FlorianG

    Airbus A330/A340/A350/A380 Modelle

    Vielleicht weil er die Grafik toll findet, über die kann man ja echt nichts sagen.
  11. FlorianG

    AES Development Preview

    WOW, sieht ja suuuper toll aus! Freue mich drauf!
  12. FlorianG

    Airbus A321 CFM Aigle Azur F-HCAI

    I love your repaints, a BIG THANKS to you!