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    Hallo zusammen, ich vermisse eine Funktion oder habe sie übersehen: Wie kann ich neben Kurs auch die Höhe automatisch berechnen und Abfliegen lassen? Beim ehemaligen (seufz) FS-Navigator konnte man das einstellen.... LG Uwe
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    Das sieht eher aus wie aus einem Kinderbilderbuch
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    Hallo ich habe ein problem mit dem FSC 9.1 ich kann meine flugpläne nicht abspeichern deinstallieren hilft auch nicht was kann ich machen ?
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    Whoa, dude! He said what the problem was. Some of the liveries he is using crash his FSX to the desktop. And it is disappointing to buy a new airplane and have it crash FSX when you try to use it. That's why I'm here. Same problem. That's why I'm reading this thread, since there aren't any other threads that say something like "Wilga CTD - Solution" or "Texture File to Fix Wilga CTD." Telling him to hunt through other posts isn't very helpful. There should be a post very clearly stating the problem and solution so people like us who don't spend all our time here (posting a couple thousand posts and reading every thread) can find it when we come in looking for a way to fix an aircraft we just bought and expected to work correctly. So, I hunted through a couple of other posts and found the file you are referencing and that fixed my problem. For the OP, here it is: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/49628-wilga-x-now-available-from-aerosoft/page__view__findpost__p__334848 I just flew it for the first time. What a lovely aircraft. First taildragger model I've bought for FSX that feels like a taildragger on the ground. Feels like I'm taxiing my Chief! Very nice! Very nice FM as well. I love these quirky planes that suck you into the illusion (like the wonderful Classics Hangar Taifun). With the Dimona X H36 and now this one, Aerosoft is putting out some great planes! It would be nice to have US gauges in the US version (or at least a kind of sticky US overlay), but it's also fun to figure these gauges out.
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    It's a very hard Competition this month! Really difficult to find any great motives! Anyway! Here's my try! It shows one of a kind scenery! Probably one of the most remarkable sceneries, ever created for MS FS2004 It's the LHSimulation's "Debrecen" scenery tower and it's sight around! I really hope you like it! Edit: Please notice, that I had to remove my first post, because of the difficulties to find any great motives and to deal with the competition's theme of TOWER VIEWS! So, give it a chance and let this one counting! Thanks for your appreciation! Good Luck to all of you!
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    That must have been quite a flashlight, Mathijs, You should have applied a red-eye fix!
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    Hi Uwe, die Signaturen lese ich mir grundsätzlich nicht mehr durch - der Umfang hat bei einigen Usern doch recht erhebliche und kaum noch übersichtliche Auswüchse erreicht.
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    Hi, siehe Signatur. Trotzdem Danke. Gruß Uwe
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    Hi Uwe, von FSX war nirgends die Rede, oder habe ich was übersehen? Dann hast Du leider Pech gehabt. Denn der FSC ist nur für die Richtung zu gebrauchen, nicht jedoch - wie der FSNav - für Start, Höhe des AP und Landung.
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    Hi Rudi, für den FSX? Habe ich da was überlesen? Gruss Uwe
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    Hallo Uwe, den FSNav gibt es weiterhin. Schau Dir mal diesen Thread an: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/40280-flightsim-commander-fs-navigator/
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    Correct, on page 40. Here's a guide to startup the F-16. I made it some time ago and never actually published it. Hopefully with this starting the F-16 won't give you any problems anymore. Give it a try F-16_startup_guide.pdf
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