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  1. Pécs-Pogany could be near... i think... but even that is way off... Gyõr-Pér fits it more accurate I think...but even this is a fault-pas Btw. 1400ft 250RPM and 70knts Ground Speed?? What the heck?? that's way too fast! I think that was a fly-by
  2. Nope! Can't be Debrecen, cause Debrecen is a much bigger Militaryan airfield... with Military Hangars around, a big Terminal and more stuff as it is located on higher terrain too... But nice try!
  3. Nope! to open landscape.... in switzerland (Interlaken) you have to have at least on one side mountains... so I still think, that this may be somewhere arround Mississippi or up in Canada... even if the hints tell about Europe, it could only be somewhere in Hungary...
  4. Really? Would be awesome! So, if that is true, would you consider to release them to other users? Probably as a Payware or even Freeware product?
  5. Can you tell me now what addons you are using on it? I allready told you that at your Video post, but I did'nt receive a proper answer on that Topic. If you are not using Ultimate Terrain, even not Zinertek Products, what are you using then to achieve those verry realistic look... ? I only could identify some photoreal textures.... Thanks a lot in advance!
  6. A Flytampa Doha Rebooted Scenery for FS2004 would probably be the right Thing to do! I really hope, flytama is willing to create this Beauty!
  7. Negative... the Airport I had flown to is not located in the US. As a reminder, to make it a bit more easy for you to get it, I reworked the shot from an other planespotters perspective... As I found, it was too difficult to match it, because we couldn't even identify the Airport from the present distance and height I was flying at... So I've done a new shot, just shortly before touching down... and I added two more hints on it as well... you may consider that.
  8. Sure! Here we go! Where am I trying to land at? Little Hint: - There's an Asphalt Runway with a full lenght of about 5001 ft. - As there is a Turf runway as well with a length of about 2501 ft - The Airfield exists allready since the second world war, originally opened on 22 July 1940.
  9. And again we go up to Yekaterinburg... I just love, that Aerosoft did this Airport! It's probably the best Scenery you've ever produced since!
  10. “The best life is a life without compromise. Free from other people’s priorities and other companies’ schedules. Free from the normal rules…" NETJETS..., "we connect you with the world!"
  11. Oha! Das is ja wohl das geilste FS Bild das ich jeh gesehn habe in meiner ganzen Pilotenlaufbahn!
  12. Woooow... lain, that one's acctually brilliant! Probably the best one of this month entries!
  13. Great Topic for this Month! Here's mine, having a rest at San Pedro de Atacama.
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