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  1. I've really been enjoying this quirky little plane, but I have a question on the radiator and cowl flap knobs. The popups don't show which way to turn to open or close. The manual doesn't have this info either. I've just been doing trial and error and watching temps, but would like to know for sure. Thanks.
  2. Griphos

    Wilga CTD

    No, I don't know the OP. But I've since read through a number of other threads here and seen you on many of them, with much the same attitude; so it seems to me that there's really no point in suggesting a better approach to you. Your "Interests" list pretty much says it all, but I'm not sure it says what you think it does. :-)
  3. Yeah, but it models increasing rudder effectiveness with increasing speed as you go down the runway. Very nice.
  4. I had the same CTD problem. Thanks for the fix. Well, what a lovely airplane to fly in FSX! I love the careful modeling of the systems. I love the quirkiness of an aircraft from Eastern Europe. And I LOVE the way this plane handles on the ground! First taildragger I've bought for FSX (and I've bought most of them) that handles like my Chief on the ground (always a little rudder/brake dance to get it to go where you want it to go)! Kudos! Everyone always says FM is based on real pilots and is accurate. I've never flown one of these, but it sure feels different than the usual FSX addon point it where you want it to go and go there. This one, like a few others in my hangar lately, feels like you're flying the wing. People are finally getting really good at working around FSX limitations and making these planes feel like planes should! And I LOVE all that visibility! I'm going to have to start looking for one of these on the US used airplane market! Thanks for a great airplane!
  5. Griphos

    Wilga CTD

    Whoa, dude! He said what the problem was. Some of the liveries he is using crash his FSX to the desktop. And it is disappointing to buy a new airplane and have it crash FSX when you try to use it. That's why I'm here. Same problem. That's why I'm reading this thread, since there aren't any other threads that say something like "Wilga CTD - Solution" or "Texture File to Fix Wilga CTD." Telling him to hunt through other posts isn't very helpful. There should be a post very clearly stating the problem and solution so people like us who don't spend all our time here (posting a couple thousand posts and reading every thread) can find it when we come in looking for a way to fix an aircraft we just bought and expected to work correctly. So, I hunted through a couple of other posts and found the file you are referencing and that fixed my problem. For the OP, here it is: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/49628-wilga-x-now-available-from-aerosoft/page__view__findpost__p__334848 I just flew it for the first time. What a lovely aircraft. First taildragger model I've bought for FSX that feels like a taildragger on the ground. Feels like I'm taxiing my Chief! Very nice! Very nice FM as well. I love these quirky planes that suck you into the illusion (like the wonderful Classics Hangar Taifun). With the Dimona X H36 and now this one, Aerosoft is putting out some great planes! It would be nice to have US gauges in the US version (or at least a kind of sticky US overlay), but it's also fun to figure these gauges out.
  6. I'll give that a try. And it sure is easy where I live. :-) I'm no glider pilot (trained for a few hours way back) but in the summer, when I take the Chief up, seems I'm getting bumped up 500 fpm every few miles or so! I call it thermal surfing...hit a thermal, point the nose down to maintain altitude and get close to 100mph (the only time my Chief EVER gets close to 100mph!!).
  7. Yeah, but it's just one more thing laying around my room to keep track of. Is there a way to put the checklist into a format that I can reference in the aircraft.cfg file so that it will show up in the vc kneeboard? Also, and I probably ought to be asking this on whatever forum CumulusX has, but I haven't noticed any thermals or ridge lift yet using that addon. Is there some trick to it? It's running (starts automatically) and connected when I'm flying, and I select the fair weather theme. Thanks.
  8. Been eyeing this one for a month or so and had to get it last night. Very nice. I so appreciate the extra work that goes into modeling the systems correctly and the sounds and details are very immersive. As a RL pilot, I also appreciate planes with FM that don't all seem exactly the same except for speeds. I've come to the place where, with just a couple of exceptions like the DoDo and the BIrdDog, I basically fly Aerosoft and A2A planes for the most part. This one definitely has the kind of feel that speaks of accurate flight modeling (never flown one in RL, so I don't know for sure), but I love the stall effects and I have that nice feeling of actually being in air, unlike with some of the planes. So, I've been enjoying her since last evening. I downloaded and installed CumulusX! 1.8 and have been learning to look for lift as well. My question, though, is why there is no checklist in VC, and how to add one. I found the checklists in the documents section of the relevant Aerosoft subfolder. I can try to print that out, I guess, but I prefer to just access it in the sim. Thanks again for a very nice airplane.
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