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    Also Thorsten von mir bekommst Du negative Kritik Auch wenn ich momentan weit weg bin, lese ich hier mit und muss ehrlich sagen, der Support hat sich erheblich gebessert. Zeeitnahe Reaktionen bis zum direkten Eingreifen am User PC ist jetzt alles möglich. Ich denke damit hat Aerosoft das Schiff wieder in den Wind bekommen. Auch das Umstellen des Forums auf Deutsch wird nun viele freuen, die dem Englischen garnicht oder nur spärlich mächtig sind. Grüße an alle Simulanten in der Heimat aus Niagara Falls (bin extra wegen Thorsten hierher zum Englischlernen ) Gruß Andreas
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    Frode, to be honest with you it looks to me that you are abusing the fact that you are not face-to-face with a real person having a discussion. I'll bet you would never be this harsh if an Aerosoft representative was sitting across the table from you at some pub discussing these issues. Am I right? Perhaps this is the "equally foolish" part of Einsteins quote in action...
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    Ja hab sie zuhause gelassen. Hab da mit nem Aerosoft mitarbeiter gesprochen WIlliam Lennox oda so?! und der kennt das Problem und schickt mir montag eine Anleitung wie ich das hinbekomme! Er meinte das das mit den Wilco Airbussen zutun haben könnte, weil der Installer da iwas im FSX "kaputt" macht.
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    Have you had a look at the Aviation Megastore? They've got a bunch "One Six Right" DVDs. Have a look here. It's nearly €30,-, will be a bit higher with shipping but that still will be below €40,- when shipped within Europe. Speaking of nice wonderful aviation DVDs, you need to have these:, unless you don't like military aviation and/or Switzerland...
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    In that case then, if it's all of nVidia fault for not being able to display this scenery correctly, then it sould be stated on the product page that it is for FSX SP2 w/ATI cards only, or that the scenery is not recommended for use with nVidia cards. Either way, whether it's the fault of nVidia or the way the developer constructed the scenery doesn't matter to me. The fact is, this is the only addon scenery I have that doesn't work correctly. So, for what ever reason nVidia cards can display all my addon on sceneries from all other manufactures, with good FPS I might add, and be able to also correctly render my addon aircraft, makes me think that some type of different technique was used to put this scenery together. What ever it is, according to other users is also manifesting itself in some of the other newer adddons like Monastir and Luebeck.
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    Nono... First of all the BT does not have any throttle, it runs full blast or it's off, and on the BM it is very worthwhile to use the mouse (or keyboard F2-F3) to control the throttle.

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