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  1. MatthiasKNU

    Config 1+F

    Oh, thank you very much for this information, I did not know this! (Except of A321, because it has other wings).
  2. MatthiasKNU

    Config 1+F

    Hi Stefan! Thank you for looking into this! By the way, you really did a fantastic job on the VC, that looks great now!
  3. MatthiasKNU

    Config 1+F

    Hello everybody! I know, there already have been several threads regarding the flap settings with the "old" Busses. Now I've noticed again that the config 1+f setting with the current A319 is not like it should look. I have taken this picture on bord of an A320, which departed with Config 1+F I have asked the captain, he confirmed that on my picture Config 1+F is shown and we departed with Config 1+F. So on this picture you definitly see Config 1+F. And now I have a picture of the current airbus, also with using Config 1+F To be honest, I can see a tremendous difference between these pictures, which sould look like the same... I think it is not a really big deal to change this animation, so it would be really great if it would be changed! Thank you very much in advance! Kind regards
  4. MatthiasKNU

    Hot Brakes

    Thanks! That sounds great!
  5. MatthiasKNU

    Hot Brakes

    Hi everybody! I've noticed that, too. There should also be a warning in ECAM that looks like this:
  6. Hi Erik! I had a similiar problem, in my case I just had to reinstall the drivers for my Logitech Force 3D Pro. That helped for me...
  7. Mine: 717 climbing out of LICJ
  8. First of all, thank you for the pictures, they really look amazing! Just a question: Would it be possible to deliver both, clean and dirty vc textures, so it is possible to switch between dirty and clean? ... to get feeling of flying a brand new airbus or a very old one...
  9. MatthiasKNU

    Trondheim v2 CTD in P3Dv4

    Hello all! I have a big problem with Trondheim v2. When selecting ENVA on the startup screen of P3Dv4 (HF1) the sim freezes for a few seconds and then vanishes. There is no message in the event log. I already tried reinstalling Trondheim and reinstalling SODE, but nothing worked for me. I am using the latest version of Trondheim, 1.02. The drivers of my video card etc. are all up to date. I hope you can help me! Thank you in advance Kind regards Matthias My System: Intel I7-5820K, Zotac GTX980 AMP!, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, MSI Z77X Windows 10 Pro x64, LM P3Dv4 HF1 EDIT: Sorry, i think I found the problem already. It seems to be a FTX Norway-problem, and not an Aerosoft Trondheim problem...
  10. MatthiasKNU

    747-400F wrong fuel calculations

    Ok, I think I could solve this problem. I have reinstalled PFPX completly and added the 747F again, and now it seems to work normal! Thank you anyway for your help!
  11. MatthiasKNU

    747-400F wrong fuel calculations

    I don't have a template for the 747F, so I only can add the aircraft by profile... Is there a template for the freighter version anywhere? Then I would try that...
  12. Hello! Yesterday I have been flying my first flight with the PMDG QOSii 747-400F. I have prepared my flight like always using PFPX, but with the default-747-400F-Profile I got a lot too much fuel for my flight from ELLX to UBBB. The route was quite direct, with a ZFW of 260 tons. The fuel required calculated by PFPX was more than 150000 kg, weather used was AS16 real weather. Then I tried another 747-Profile (, but that did not help, again the same required fuel. Afterwards I was flying to UBBB with 59000 kg of fuel, which Simbrief calculated. Today I wanted to try it again, the flight is UBBB to VHHH. I tried again a few profiles, even the 747-400BCF, 747-400ERF and 747-400F. Again I got a few warnings (exceeded MTOW and so on): (By the way, fuel required for this flight are around 90 t) With lowering the ZFW I could manage it to get a result of PFPX: The 747-400 (PAX Version) works properly. I think that a corrupt/wrong 747F Profile causes this issue, but it is nearly impossible to plan a flight with the 747F with PFPX... What can I do to get this working? Thank you in advance! Kind regards Matthias