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  1. BuddyDog

    Airbus Pro Experience

    I just downloaded the Vol 6 manual and I think you did a great job with it, Emi. It's easy to follow and the illustrations are excellent. Thank you!
  2. BuddyDog

    A320 for P3D V4.2

  3. BuddyDog

    Incorrect STAR for KIAH

    It is my understanding that KIAH ops normally uses the 8/9 or 26's for landings in a South wind and uses the 15's for takeoffs. I usually check FlightAware and with a South wind, that is the pattern I see aircraft using. I am sure someone can correct me if I am mistaken.
  4. Thanks Dave, I will give that a try (when the new bus comes out).
  5. Yes, but it is not very easy to find them that way, either
  6. I have the Aerosoft Airbus and DA CRJ 700-900, and while awaiting the Airbus professional version release, had a question about the livery downloads. Is there an easier way to find a specific livery for an aircraft other than scrolling through numerous pages of aircraft, panels, sounds, profiles that have been uploaded? For example, I want to search for Air Canada liveries for the Airbus series. It appears liveries are dumped into the downloads in no particular order that I could figure out. Is there a way to search for a specific airline livery, without having to go through a lot of pages to find it? It might also be helpful to have a standardized description in the download title (ie, aircraft model, airline, etc) . Thanks.
  7. Thanks, Hans. Sorry to have bothered you.
  8. I found these tutorials on YouTube from SV Pilot which seem pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDSPAg4nmeiGnXI83RGIzUg
  9. I have been noticing this since the first release and it seems minor, but the CRJ load manager shows 9 seats in "first" class but load manager calculates 10 first class passengers on a full load (for the -700 model). 900 model has 11 seats, calculates 12 on a full load Just wondering.
  10. BuddyDog

    Repaint request

    How about a repaint of the Virgin America Airbus' to the new Alaska livery, please? https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/pictures-first-a320-in-alaska-airlines-livery-revea-445185/
  11. You just made it a whole lot more expensive, thanks!
  12. I did not use a shader until I bought ENVTEX & ENVSHADE. I started with some lighting suggestions from a YouTuber, Capt. Vince, and it looks really good to me.
  13. Thank you to all the moderators and staff for all these updates to the topic. @B777ER , it is a different animal than the PMDG Boeings and it took me a little while to get the hang of flying the Airbus (the MCDU is completely different than what you may be used to in the Boeings), but once I figured it out, it is a lot a fun to fly. Man, this is getting to be an expensive month for flight sim add-ons.
  14. If Aerosoft wants to release the 318 first, they are certainly free to do so, and it appears many simmers would be happy with that choice. Personally, I would probably wait for the full package (A318/319/320/321) to be released before I buy it. Mathjis has mentioned in the past a price of less than 50 euros, but also mentioned we would not have to pay twice for "old code" (my words). Following through the thread and all the additional features being added, in addition to a working flight model with the engine variants. I am guessing that is a LOT of new code. I am also thinking what Igor said in the movie "Young Frankenstein": "Of course, the rates...have gone up." When I bought the Aerosoft Airbus' previously, I bought full package, which was actually a little less expensive than buying the 318/318 then 320/321 packages separately. That is a big reason I would wait. Bravo to the developers who have been working on the project. I do look forward to having the 'Bus back.