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  1. You just made it a whole lot more expensive, thanks!
  2. I did not use a shader until I bought ENVTEX & ENVSHADE. I started with some lighting suggestions from a YouTuber, Capt. Vince, and it looks really good to me.
  3. Thank you to all the moderators and staff for all these updates to the topic. @B777ER , it is a different animal than the PMDG Boeings and it took me a little while to get the hang of flying the Airbus (the MCDU is completely different than what you may be used to in the Boeings), but once I figured it out, it is a lot a fun to fly. Man, this is getting to be an expensive month for flight sim add-ons.
  4. If Aerosoft wants to release the 318 first, they are certainly free to do so, and it appears many simmers would be happy with that choice. Personally, I would probably wait for the full package (A318/319/320/321) to be released before I buy it. Mathjis has mentioned in the past a price of less than 50 euros, but also mentioned we would not have to pay twice for "old code" (my words). Following through the thread and all the additional features being added, in addition to a working flight model with the engine variants. I am guessing that is a LOT of new code. I am also thinking what Igor said in the movie "Young Frankenstein": "Of course, the rates...have gone up." When I bought the Aerosoft Airbus' previously, I bought full package, which was actually a little less expensive than buying the 318/318 then 320/321 packages separately. That is a big reason I would wait. Bravo to the developers who have been working on the project. I do look forward to having the 'Bus back.
  5. Pretty amazing technology being implemented in the Airbus. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  6. Yes. P3D v4.1, Turn around state, GPU connected, started APU and running, no response from DAVE to disconnect GPU and chocks. Also, with the APU running, I disconnect the GPU through the overhead panel and the NAV and PFD displays go dark and "poof", flight plan erased.
  7. Yes, I tried and DAVE didn't remove the GPU or chocks. I thought maybe it was something I did wrong. Going to try without chocks and GPU running. At least the yoke disappears now! I also noted after doing he uninstall via Windows features and Mathjis instructions, the old 1.0.1 was still taking a GB of space in my add-on folder for P3D v4.1 . I maybe now have to dig further into the system to see if the old Ecosystem is still there
  8. I still have FSX installed on this Win 7 computer, along with a 32 bit version of Microsoft Office, so I was not concerned about having both the 32 & 64 bit run times installed. I was just wondering if I was missing one of the VC++ libraries and that was causing the Dead Dave, non disappearing yoke issue (which only started with the latest version of the CRJ).
  9. It appears both Hans and herky20 noted something about VC++ runtimes possibly installed incorrectly/ corrupted. Pehaps this is causing some problems for me? Here are my C++ installs. Do you see any conflicts in these? Thanks!
  10. Which airbus for which flightsim?

    Very doubtful your existing Airbus' will work in P3D v4. That's why Aerosoft is rewriting the code for these add ons.
  11. While still waiting for the Airbus Professionals, I dusted off my copy of FSX and use it to fly the Airbus, Q400, QW757 and the E jets V2. Some of those will never make it to P3D v4 and I was missing them
  12. I never saw that "slew" button on the lower pedestal before. What does that do? BTW nice work, Stefan.
  13. Post install issue(s)

    The issue with the cargo door and GSX appears to be a GSX issue, not the aircraft. I note this issue and it might need to be addressed by FSDT.
  14. CRJ Manger and center of gravity

    In looking at your second screenshot, you need to enter weights for the forward and aft cargo holds in the payload section. Next, enter the flight distance, flight level, alternate distance, alternate flight level, reserve fuel and taxi fuel in the flight section. Once you have entered that info, press the calculate button next to trip fuel, which should give you the block fuel, CoG and TO trim settings. Note that trim setting may not agree with "Dave's" trim calculations. I usually set the elevator trim on Dave's numbers.