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  1. OS: Win 10 Pro 4790K 16GB RAM GTX 1070FTW P3D v 4.4 (most current one) Airbus version ASP4, ORBX, Flightbeam KDEN-KPDX, Route: FOOOT4.RLG..EKR..BOI..JOTBA.HHOOD4 FL360 Running fine in managed speed mode at .79 Mach. I did switch to some exterior views using the default commands in P3D bound to my TM 1600M, came back into cockpit view and speed dropped to 219 kts approaching BOI intersection. Went to manual speed mode until TOD. Could changing views cause the managed speed mode to drop?
  2. I get a "ding" when the aircraft hits a waypoint in the fllght plan. New Win10 Pro and P3D v 4 install, so maybe this is a Win 10 thing?
  3. Step 7??? Why if you are reinstalling in Step 11?
  4. I like the repaint that was made for the Virgin America/ Alaska A321 (More to Love), but this A319 repaint needs the logo on the fuselage placed in the proper position, Thanks!
  5. I looked at my AS updater and it displays the following for the A318-319 and A320-321. Are these correct? I did not see a version 1.2. for the baby bus. Thanks
  6. Additionally, the 318 & 319 add-ons (downloaded from your repaint site) for the Air Canada Rouge 319 and United 319 have disappeared from my aircraft listed in P3D.
  7. I seem to have a missing livery manager for the 319 after installing the 320. Fuel planner shows all 4 aircraft, Livery mgr for the 320/321 shows, but the 318/319 livery mgr is not showing the different aircraft beyond the 318. I had to look for it on the C drive, as the shortcut to this manager disappeared off my "start" button, the 320/321 livery manager is still there. Hope these snips explain it. Any suggestions to get the 318/319 livery manager back? Thank you. Win 7 Pro, P3D v4.3
  8. http://www.airline-empires.com/index.php?/gallery/image/20312-alaska-airlines-a319-new-livery/
  9. Your repaint needs a little work on the Alaska script on the fuselage. Looks like the script should be at and below the window line. Otherwise, nice job.
  10. How about a repaint of the Virgin America Airbus' to the new Alaska livery, please? https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/pictures-first-a320-in-alaska-airlines-livery-revea-445185/
  11. In addition to RAM, 32 bit programs have a limitation on Virtual Address Space (VAS), which is how much processing data you can load before the system runs out of available memory and your sim crashes (approx 4MB). A "vanilla" FSX installation is running 20 FPS, autogen is low, level of detail (LOD) is medium, special effects (ie, jetways) are low. When you start increasing FPS, add on scenery, add on airports, add on weather textures, AI traffic, add on vector (roads and coastlines) and increase the LOD, it will need to use more and more of VAS to process all the eye candy. Increasing your settings to max with all those add-ons can run you out of VAS "memory" (you could still have lots of RAM available) and the system will crash. Faster CPU's and more powerful GPU's make the sim run smoother, but you will still be chasing the VAS limits of 4MB.
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