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  1. BuddyDog

    Loss of power combination topic

    Step 7??? Why if you are reinstalling in Step 11?
  2. BuddyDog

    Repaint requests

    I like the repaint that was made for the Virgin America/ Alaska A321 (More to Love), but this A319 repaint needs the logo on the fuselage placed in the proper position, Thanks!
  3. I looked at my AS updater and it displays the following for the A318-319 and A320-321. Are these correct? I did not see a version 1.2. for the baby bus. Thanks
  4. Additionally, the 318 & 319 add-ons (downloaded from your repaint site) for the Air Canada Rouge 319 and United 319 have disappeared from my aircraft listed in P3D.
  5. I seem to have a missing livery manager for the 319 after installing the 320. Fuel planner shows all 4 aircraft, Livery mgr for the 320/321 shows, but the 318/319 livery mgr is not showing the different aircraft beyond the 318. I had to look for it on the C drive, as the shortcut to this manager disappeared off my "start" button, the 320/321 livery manager is still there. Hope these snips explain it. Any suggestions to get the 318/319 livery manager back? Thank you. Win 7 Pro, P3D v4.3
  6. Update to fixed the United livery showing Qatar issue. Thanks, Mathijs. Now to find & install the modern repaint for United A320. I think Holgi had a really nice one for the 32 bit version in the library.
  7. BuddyDog

    Professional Series - FS Steam

    Prepar3D has different licenses from Academic to Developer, you have to decide which license fits your use. ORBX scenery will run in P3D.
  8. http://www.airline-empires.com/index.php?/gallery/image/20312-alaska-airlines-a319-new-livery/
  9. Your repaint needs a little work on the Alaska script on the fuselage. Looks like the script should be at and below the window line. Otherwise, nice job.
  10. Just thought it was something I did wrong. Just installed today.
  11. Thanks for posting the video, Mathjis. Looking at it, I remember the PNF used to set the go around altitude in the previous version (using the co-pilot function on the check list). Has that changed in the professional version?
  12. BuddyDog

    Routes via PFPX

    Question 1 the answer is yes. You need to set the path for export to the new Airbus. Should find it in your documents/aerosoft/general/A3xx Flightplans Question 2, it should be pulling wind info from you weather engine
  13. BuddyDog

    Morse Code ident

    I get it, too, but also with the PMDG NGX. I have monkeyed around with the radio panel with no luck. I think it is something in the P3D settings that is doing it, not the add-on aircraft. The Morse is for the localizer at your departing or arriving airport.. FWIW, I get one ping when the 319 is loading into the sim, then it's quiet. Not so lucky with the NGX.