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  1. canuck21a

    318/19 Crazy descend rates

    Hello, I decided to try your flight today using Ver 1100 A319 with the loadsheet similar to yours. My system is an older one i7-2600k 32GB 4.0GHzOC with a EVGA 970GTX P3Dv4.3 is a full install and there is little extra scenery. I use ORBX Global and NA/SA/EU Landclass. FPS were around 50 most of the time. [CoRte] ArptDep=LIPZ ArptArr=LIRN RwyDep=LIPZ04R RwyArr=LIRN4.Z RwyArrFINAL=ILS24.Z SID=CHI7V STAR=TEA1C APPR_Trans=POM1 Airway1=L612 Airway1FROM=CHI Airway1TO=ANC Airway2=M736 Airway2FROM=ANC Airway2TO=TEA Altitude was set to FL340 cruise. I used the full copilot checklist with 250 speed control turned on. After Descent checklist I set the final altitude to 2000. 15nm before TOD I engaged descent. Initial descent was 1000 fpm for some time after which it did its normal thing and started to descend more rapidly. I watched the descent rate and speed. The descent was about 2800 fpm @ 310knots for most of the descent At 12000 I engaged speed brakes to get the thing under better speed control. I left them on until the thrusters started to climb after which the speed brakes were off. The rest of the approach and landing were full auto with nothing strange happening.
  2. canuck21a now available

    I just decided to download the file anyway. I unzipped and it had the _V1100 at the end of the exe name. Perhaps the store might consider updating the version names seen by customers when they update files?
  3. canuck21a now available

    I decided to remove version 1 so that I could get the newest installer. When I went to my Aerosoft account the only download is version 1.00. Did I misread something?
  4. canuck21a

    Ignoring Constraints

    May I assume that this issue is not rectified in the latest update to 1100? I updated and tried the same setup again and the altitudes on the display changed like before when I clicked on the block fuel key.
  5. canuck21a

    Ignoring Constraints

    Not sure if further confirmation is require; however, I decided to test my clean sim/P3Dv4.3 to see if the issue prevailed. I started a flight at EHAM to EHGG. A flight plan had been made and saved earlier. Fuel was loaded but no further action taken; that is, no Fuel prediction actions in the init page 2. The image shows the FMC pages before fuel prediction was activated and after. Constraints for speed and altitude were added to the plan before the fule action was taken. After the fuel prediction was activated the altitude contraints disappeared. When the flight was tried the speed restriction were followed but the altitudes limits were not.
  6. canuck21a

    ILS Approach - Course Corrections

    Ok then, I just flew the same plan again but with no Active Sky or other external connections (ACARS, etc.) There were no deviations on approach. Perhaps, like another pilot mentioned, there is a potential influence being forced on the sim by either Active Sky or another add-on that perplex the flight system.
  7. canuck21a

    Exterior Lights during TAXI

    Hello, I have just completed my first flight after updating to the latest update I used the Turn around state and full copilot. I did not make any premature setup actions but waited for the checklist to do so and I did not skip any CL items. I can report that at no time did the CL stop/hang and the flight completed without any apparent issues.
  8. canuck21a

    ILS Approach - Course Corrections

    Just got back to the flight sim word after a few days or real work (and golf) I decided to set up for a flight from London to Amsterdam (ORBX England and Netherlands True Earth). Active Sky was used (ver 6773). I used the SID/STARS/TRANS for the conditions that existed at the time. Approach was to 27. I checked the fps values (not average as I did not have that set up yet) at various phases during the flight On Ground EGLL: 26-30 Takeoff: 26-30 FL230: Tail: 45-75 InstrumentView: 35-50 VC: 35-60 Enroute: Tail: 70-105 InstrumentView: 60-80 VC: 65-100 Descent: VC 35-50 7000 ft over EHAM: 28-40 APP: 30-40 LOC: 35-40 (When set on) GS: 30-40 (When set on after GS indicator was close to the line) 5 miles out: 30-40 LOC/GS Active At ~3 miles the plane made a small course correction. At ~<1 mile the plane again made a slight adjustment System Specs GAMER (May 2017) Asus Maximus IX Hero i7-7700k 4.2 GHz (OC 4.5Ghz) Water Cooled 32 GB RAM 3000 Disks All SSD; C (system): 512GB M.2, E; 1TB (FSX/Steam), F: 1TB (P3D) Graphics: EVGA nVidia GTX 1080 OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Controller: Saitek USB Yoke/Pedals Monitor: Acer CB280HK (UHD 4K2K) HDMI P3D Setup (Images from external site): Display: Lighting: Realism: Traffic: World:
  9. canuck21a

    Un-docked Options MCDU Sounds

    Thanks for the reply. I shall deal with it.
  10. canuck21a

    ILS Approach - Course Corrections

    I will try some Clear Weather flights to see if this happens.
  11. Hello, I have been using the Options and CAPT MCDU un-docked on a second monitor. I notice that if I change the focus from the main P3D screen to the options MCDU the copilot voices are blocked. I can only hear them if I then refocus on the main P3D screen. I have Windows 10 sound to not do anything in the communications settings. Is this to be expected? Any suggestions as to how to overcome this?
  12. Hello, On a few flights I have noticed that a mile or so before final whilst on a set ILS/GS approach the aircraft seems to do a dippity-do; that is, it seems to want to make a slight course correction with a bit of a wing dip back and forth. Is this expected ? I do not recall anything like this with the previous A318/319.
  13. canuck21a

    Exterior Lights during TAXI

    Thanks Rolf, Good to know that I have not lost my mind
  14. Using two different installs; one of P3D4.3 clean full install and the other on P3D4.3 upgraded from 4.2 TAXI CL stalls at the same point using both installs A319 Delta Airlines Cold & Dark (After recent update via Areosoft Updater to With all systems off (C&D state). (Checklist ON, Copilot ON) Open main doors, Get loadsheet, then Instant Load, then all green. Close doors except main entrance. Start CL All CL work until.... TAXI CL proceeds then..... Exterior Lights does not trigger. (copilot is on!) Then even if all lights are then turned on. Need to Skip step to continue. Then Check brakes CL runs and CL continues. When BEF Takeoff CL runs the exterior lights are deemed to be on and the CL continues !? No further CL issues and flight completed without any other problems. Note: Before these updates the CL worked flawlessly on my system.
  15. canuck21a

    Close Doors

    I started a new flight using C&D. Opened PAX and CARGO doors Used Loadsheet and Instant Load Returned to Doors page Closed all doors leaving Front Left to the last. After closing this door the announcement came that all pax were onboard. .... cont'd normal setup When ready for Check List started cockpit prep checklist. When Close Doors came up MCDU flashes CLOSE DOORS but no option to skip. I then used the keyboard Shift+E The P3D door closing message came up and then the announcement came again. The checklist then cont'd. All good now ! Perhaps the CL might be made a bit brighter and know that the doors had been closed and carry on without the manual keyboard entry? Sort of like the parking brake that is sensed during pushback? Edit: After-thought. When I pressed Shift+E the sim displayed "Main Door/Exit Closing". Sort of suggests that using the MCDU did not tell the sim that the main door had been closed?