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  1. I've checked my set up. The / key is set to operate the spoliers and I agree with firstcaptainjones above that the spoilers do work ; it's the notification in the lower ECAM that's not showing
  2. Since the update to I can't operate the spoilers from the keyboard shortcut "/". Is there a known problem? Thanks Geoff
  3. Tthe warning in the MCDU indicated trim/CofG error. I use the Aerosoft fuel planner to load the aircraft and found that the reset button in the lower left section of this interface had become unselected. Re-selected it and test flight went Ok. Thanks for interest and responses above
  4. Yes, both checked and never been a problem in the past. thanks
  5. I have Airbus All of a sudden the TO config button is responding correctly. I get a warning chime when the button is depressed despite all systems being green in the memo. i've been using this for a long timme and never had this issue previously. There was a Wiondows update recently; could that be the cause? Geoff
  6. GeoffB

    Fuel use A320

    A320 Flight ZSPD to ZBAA loaded fuel 6,901 kg but print out after landing indicates fuel used 63.0t !? version What's going on? Geoff
  7. I have the current Airbus on P3Dv4.5. Immediatly after take off after the landing gear has been raised the lower ECAM information section displays what you would expect on final approach telling me to lower the gaer and falps to full. as I continue the take off / ascent this display soon resets to blank. What's going on?
  8. I've used the BFSGSimCom pluin for TeamSpeak successfully for some time to switch comms chanels in the Airbus (I have a keyboard shortcut set up). Suddenly this feature only switches the frequencies in the FO radio but not in Teamspeak. I've deleted the plugin and reinstalled it but still no go. Has anyone else run into this problem? Geoff
  9. Thanks, that's worked. For others who may need to know, the setting is in Options, general, display, graphics, lower right hand side of window select option for Wide-view aspect ratio Geoff
  10. I'm not sure if this is an Aerosoft airbus issue or one for P3D but here goes.. Since installing the latest bus ver the cockpit and panel views are as though your face is right in the panel each time I load p3d [I've got the bus set as default aircraft.] This didn't happen with previous versions. I can zoom out and all is visible but next time i load p3d I'm back to the close up view. How do I fix the zoom settings? Thanks Geoff
  11. Dave, Success! I've uninstalled the previous and installed and then installed the Airbus All of the digits on the FCU are now visible and the 3rd MCDU works aswell. Many thanks for your guidance on this problem. Geoff
  12. Dave, I've got . I think I updated all elements but not 100% sure. What should I do? Geoff
  13. I've downloaded and installed today with my virus protection off. In the cockpit all of the FCU, the barometer digit windows and the 3rd MCDU are blank. I've uninstalled this version and tried to go back to the previous version but that now has the same problems. I can't fly---help please. Geoff
  14. I've jumped to ver but have found new problems.... I'll start a new post. Please close this one G
  15. I've found that the speedbarkes don't deploy on touchdown. I've had several flights where this happens, each time the 'brakes are armed as part of the approach procedures but refuse to deploy unless select the / key to override the setting. They used to work correctly in earlier versions. any ideas? Geoff
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