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  1. Tom, it didn't solve the problem for me.... I was already using the Visual C++ 2015 from Microsoft and not the one given by PFPX
  2. Just checked, mfc140.dll is in both "System32" and "SysWOW64" on my system.
  3. Yes tom, I made a mistake by writting x86 as for me its x64 but even installing this before PFPX didnt solve the issue
  4. Yes, running win7 SP1 here
  5. Hello, I installed the update from 1.21 to 1.23 and now, I can't load PFPX due to some files missing (runtimes and mfc140.dll) I installed vcredist_x86 under the support files folder but its still not working. Im running win 7 sp1. Help is needed! Thank you Second try, I completely uninstall PFPX, reinstalled directly 1.23 version and still having the issue...
  6. Thanks for the answer. Toulouse X is already great and hope Marseille will come one day !
  7. Great ! What a surprise ! I will buy it for sure. Mathijs, do you know if a FSX version of Marseille is in the pipeline ?
  8. Thank you for the info. It's curious, they said they were almost starting beta tests...
  9. I'm also curious. But there is nothing new on the developper site (DreamFactory Studio)... I
  10. Hi guys, confirmed. it's a Dornier Do X
  11. Hello Joshua, Check your P.M Regards
  12. Hi Joshua, I' ve tested yesterday night the FBW doing some T/O and LDG, I will take a look with the bank but I didn't note nothing "particular" with it. You did a really great job ! I'm looking for your future work ! well done ! Regards
  13. Thank you Joshua ! You are a genius. It changes completely the way of flying this Airbus. As you are a genius, if you could create a xml gauge to change this start up and the N1 going to 100% ... Thank again ! Mike