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  1. PFPX 1.23 Cant load

    Tom, it didn't solve the problem for me.... I was already using the Visual C++ 2015 from Microsoft and not the one given by PFPX
  2. PFPX 1.23 Cant load

    Just checked, mfc140.dll is in both "System32" and "SysWOW64" on my system.
  3. PFPX 1.23 Cant load

    Yes tom, I made a mistake by writting x86 as for me its x64 but even installing this before PFPX didnt solve the issue
  4. PFPX 1.23 Cant load

    Yes, running win7 SP1 here
  5. Hello, I installed the update from 1.21 to 1.23 and now, I can't load PFPX due to some files missing (runtimes and mfc140.dll) I installed vcredist_x86 under the support files folder but its still not working. Im running win 7 sp1. Help is needed! Thank you Second try, I completely uninstall PFPX, reinstalled directly 1.23 version and still having the issue...
  6. Toulouse X

    Thanks for the answer. Toulouse X is already great and hope Marseille will come one day !
  7. Toulouse X

    Great ! What a surprise ! I will buy it for sure. Mathijs, do you know if a FSX version of Marseille is in the pipeline ?
  8. ROME FIUMCINO in development

    Thank you for the info. It's curious, they said they were almost starting beta tests...
  9. ROME FIUMCINO in development

    I'm also curious. But there is nothing new on the developper site (DreamFactory Studio)... I
  10. Hi guys, confirmed. it's a Dornier Do X
  11. My Alternative to Aerosoft FBW v0.8f2 - NO FSUIPC

    Hello Joshua, Check your P.M Regards
  12. My Alternative to Aerosoft FBW v0.8f2 - NO FSUIPC

    Hi Joshua, I' ve tested yesterday night the FBW doing some T/O and LDG, I will take a look with the bank but I didn't note nothing "particular" with it. You did a really great job ! I'm looking for your future work ! well done ! Regards
  13. My Alternative to Aerosoft FBW v0.8f2 - NO FSUIPC

    Thank you Joshua ! You are a genius. It changes completely the way of flying this Airbus. As you are a genius, if you could create a xml gauge to change this start up and the N1 going to 100% ... Thank again ! Mike