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  1. FSDG Scenery Updates

    I have Holiday Airports 2 And the I believe that the Djerba and Sharm El-Sheikh is from FSDG. They are updated. How to obtain these updated sceneries. Will you update Holiday Airports 1 and 2? Thank you. Jens
  2. Hi I cant get the radar to work.. Gain 0 and pressed auto tilt and tried MAP and WX and pressed info. And another problem I have i is because of a combination of TrackIR, the default position, and the chairs in the cockpit which are in the way of my view. Possible to move the chairs? Regards Jens.
  3. Some bugs maybe..

    Just for clarifying... This popup showed itself again after the hotfix.. and restart.. .. Flight date 3 august. In did also missed the radar and terrain radar. I notised that when i landed in Corfu the terrain rader was visible with yellow info. But I miss alot of info from Radar and Terrain radar.. I haven't checked the manual on this... yet Thank you.. Jens
  4. Some bugs maybe..

    This is interesting. 1. My third start of the plane in P3D v4 gave a nice pop up.. The others was pulled twice the width and same hight. My point was to make the above popup as it is now. What I did was undock and tried to pull the frame of the popup which gave the CTD.. The below picture show the white frame but nothing happens now no CTD. In PMDG planes the windows and CDUs "have wrong size" maybe because I cant figure out the configuration. But this problem is solved since the 3 load of the CRJ have solved the issue... "Maybe the AI have learned about my Triblehead2go" HA Ha.. Jens
  5. Some bugs maybe..

    I suggest its resizeable because i does not look nice during popup. Here from CRJ-700 And thank you for the awesome bird. Best Regards Jens panel.cfg Thank you Propane. Jens
  6. Some bugs maybe..

    CRJ bug list I have tried resized the pop up window.. eg MCDU.. Not possible.. Then I undock resize arrow came <-> and it got selected until I tried to resize then suddenly CTD. I was flying and climbing and TCAS was off… In the radio I switched on TA ONLY and the rings for Traffic on ND display came on after pressing TCS capt side panel ref. 7. But stil TCAS off on ND display. Then I wanted to switch on the radar and I pressed the RDR/Ter button and CTD. (Cpt sidepanel ref. 7) On the autopilot what is XFR and TURB button? Awesome plane.. The engines and the environment sound very silent? Regards Jens
  7. ENVA Elevation Issue

    Jo Erlend... Sigh..... That just solved all my problems... I didn't knew that the SODE had soo much impact on the scenery. And when I worked with the sceneries the SODE had get deactivated..... Thank you Jo Erlend and Tom A320 for your efforts... Jens
  8. ENVA Elevation Issue

    Sorry.... Yes I do... I am just now checking ENGM, which is not in the vector configuration tool either. But the scenery just after installation looks fine.
  9. ENVA Elevation Issue

    Aerosoft Vaernes 2,0 dont look good with FTX Norwary and vector. FS Global UTX .. And it does not seem that ENVA is in vector for the moment? All the best Jens Michlas
  10. FSDG Seychelles P3D v4

    I have just realised that the FSDG Seychelles is being installed directly into the Prepar3D v4 Add-on which is on the C drive.. THIS IS A CRUCIAL ERROR.. My computer has the C drive as a SSD drive.. And my simulater is on an other driver. Sceneries on the C drive is never ever gonna happen. .... And at the same time Orbx Ftx Vector is not going to work with sceneries outside the sim, for some strange reason. The problem here is that I cant install the scenery except into this folder, and that will kill the computer.... What to do.? Mathijs I can see you are aware of the problem. So I leave this post to emphazise things... All the best Jens
  11. Quito Sceneryissues

    Thank you Gentlemen Mathijs Kok and mopperle I will look into it.. Jens Michlas CPH
  12. Quito Sceneryissues

    HI What was the answer to this problem? I have P3D v3 FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation , Vector, Global, HD airport Textures I have MyTraffic installe that dont have the airport... Thank you Jens Michlas
  13. Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

    Hi Daniel Something has happened in Denmark. We have got a seaplane rute, the first one!! Between Aarhus and Copenhagen. And its awesome. Could you make a liverie of that one? All best Merry Christmass. Jens Michlas Frederiksberg, CPH. Denmark
  14. KCGX Meigs Field - PFPX

    KCGX Meigs Field There was a question how to import nav data to the Meigs fielsd in PFPX. but the answer was that the quetion had been answered..... but where is the answer? Happy Summer. Jens