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  1. Yes Sir, everything is done as you say.: POS, then EKCH, then upper line copy to bottom - no problem. Then mark a flight plan and receive FPLN LOADED. Then SEC FPLN - but no origin/dest. BUT it works with the two included flightplans. And they are in the same folder as the ones I created. Cheers from Carl - +10.000 hours in the real stuff
  2. Hi Hoffie, yes all plans are in documents. I mark a plan in the FMS and get a yellow "route loaded". Then sec flight plan and new screen with emty origin and dest. Nothing to activate. I feel a little stupid having been a prof atp pilot for many years.
  3. Hi, excellent CRJ for P3dv5. BUT . I save a flightplan and FMS confirm. I try to load it and FMS says flight plan loaded - but there is no flight plan????
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