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  1. Preview Bergamo LIME

    Absolutely amazing screenshots you have there! Will this scenery come with a configuration tool?
  2. Okay gonna try that. Thanks a lot!
  3. Just a quick question. Will the new busses support multiple cabin layouts like y186 on the a320s or y156 on the 319?

    You cannot update the AIRAC of "FSX". You can update the Aerosoft Airbus' Navigation Database and you can update the one from Simbrief. If there is a new runway, then its not the AIRACs job to add it into your simulator. If you want to have the new runway, you have to look out for some scenery, either freeware or payware.
  5. How about single-engine-taxi in the upcoming A32X Family?
  6. PFPX Tropopause?

    Okay thanks. And did that change in the meantime?
  7. Hello, why does PFPX not deliver any data about the Tropopause? Simbrief for instance can calculate the Tropopause, and as far as I know, Simbrief uses NOAA for their weather data as well. Will the tropopause height be adressed in future updates by any chance?
  8. Oh okay. So basically the wind request will work via PFPX and Simbrief while the Bus will also be capable of using the Active Sky if one doesnt use PFPX or Simbrief. Is that correct?
  9. Sorry if I missunderstood you. But does that mean we do not have the option to enter the wind data manually? And what do you mean by "wind files"?
  10. Sorry to pick up on this topic again, but I strongly disagree with you in this aspect. I do believe that a lot of people enjoy their real life flights and would love to hear these sounds back in the simulator. I understand that you want to keep the main focus on the actual job of the pilot, but why do you have an exterior view and sound system then? From my experience pilots usually don't do their Outside Check in mid-air! You could atleast do a survey on this topic. I think Aerosoft is missing some customers there, which would be a pity... Also, you don't even need to implement a completely new sound pack. There are already interior sound packs by BSS for instance. Just add an option so the user may decide on his own if he wants the exterior or the interior sounds on the wing views.
  11. TOPCAT update for A320 IAE

    Probably not. There haven't been official updates on TopCat for ages. According to the devs the modules are too difficult to get. In my eyes, TopCat is pretty much dead right now.
  12. Will Metar/Vatsim ATIS requests be implemented?
  13. There is already a free TPC for this and also TopCat can calculate these speeds. The problem with all this is that its very costly to keep all the runway data and the engine out procedures up to date while being almost as accurate as FlySmart for example. TopCat is probably the best at it right now, their A320 module works pretty well! Did a few comparisons between FlySmart with Airbus and TopCat: the V-Speed and Flex Temp calculations are not too far off from each other. But you have to keep in mind, that most of the runway entries and TORA values are wrong, so you need to set them up manually in the editor.