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  1. Hi, ein kleines Status-Update würde ich auch sehr begrüßen
  2. Hi, könntest mal die Fuel Policies anschauen. Dort steht drin, wann welche Komponente mit wieviel berechnet wird. Generell gibt es bei guten Flugbedingungen (also immer, wenn nur 1 Destination Alternate angegeben ist) keine Notwendigkeit, ein Holding Fuel mitzunehmen.
  3. Hallo zusammen, kann David nur zustimmen. In Europa werden Transitions nicht geplant. Selbst für Flughäfen wie Budapest werden keine Transitions geplant, auch wenn es in Budapest gar keine STARs gibt und üblicherweise Transitions benutzt werden. In diesem Fall würde im ATC FPL dann einfach ein "DCT" anstelle einer STAR stehen. Natürlich müsstest du dementsprechend mehr Treibstoff als Circuit In einplanen. Das gleiche gilt übrigens auch für STARs, die mit "ATC" markiert sind. Diese darf man ebenfalls nicht für die Planung heranziehen. SID Transitions (wie sie beispielsweise in Italien üblich sind) dürfen und müssen zumeist auch entsprechend geplant werden.
  4. Basically turbulence. So obviously green indicates areas of light turbulence, while tan means moderate and red severe turbulence.
  5. Hi, I've just noticed that when printing out the NOTAMs via the according tab the category is given after the designator. Will this also be made available when printing out an OFP, along with the NOTAM briefing?
  6. Hi, Company Data -> Fuel Policy -> Enroute Reserve Fuel
  7. Configuration > Planning / Units at the bottom
  8. Sorry, just realized I misread your question totally. Ignore me, it's late where I live!
  9. Hi, you can customize the weather trend (that's what all the colours stand for) to your own liking by going to "Configuration > Planning Units". There you have several options regarding visibility, ceiling and wind speeds at the buttom. By clicking on "WX Alert" you will see a drop down menu of all different kinds of WX conditions and also which one triggers which colour. The weather trend is then visualized based on the current METAR and TAFs. A grey bar indicates that the weather forecast doesn't apply to that specific timeframe. Hope that helps.
  10. That's not entirely correct. You can still file F350 as your initial altitude - even if this technically didn't comply with the restrictions of the first airway. IFPS is taking climb and descent profiles into account based on the aircraft type you file. If IFPS is acting up and giving you errors you can simply refile your initial RFL and add your final altitude to the waypoint as you exit the airway that restricts your climb. Also, for instance, climbing out of the London TMA you would always apply the latter method. I don't necessarily see a problem with the routing PFPX gave you there either. IFPS seems to be okay with both ways in this case as well.
  11. Just to give you an example of how it could be used. If you want to determine the VIS/RVR/VV/Ceiling WX minima that an airport has to meet before it can be filed as an alternate airport, you would have to know which approach systems are available. So if you already know that the expected runway got an ILS, you could simply filter for "ILS" and it will show you any possible downgrades regarding the ILS that you would have to take into account.
  12. Please just show me one example of an document that included the summary page. Of course, you can have a section in your OFP that looks similar and shows the same values as the Summary page, but the summary page itself is not printed out.
  13. Why should it? It doesn't belong to the OFP. Most data of this is covered by a realistic OFP template though.
  14. Hi there, I've also asked this question multiple times in another thread. Apparently the situation will remain the same unfortunately.
  15. Sorry for asking this again, but will the tropopause height data be included in this new update? I know this used to be an issue with your weather data provider, has anything changed in the meantime? Would be quite nice to have this data available, as there are some study level aircraft out there which actually use this Tropo Height to create a realistic optimum for cruise.
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