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  1. Sound of the AN-2

    That's really good news - had held off because of the sound, but now I'll be happy to jump in. As I posted yesterday on another forum - in the sim, the most authentic sound sometimes isn't the best sound, because we have to count on the sound to provide sensations that the sim can't otherwise deliver, like vibration and harshness. In the A2A GA aircraft, where they give you the option of using headphones, I often go without them. In the real aircraft, of course I'd use them to protect my hearing. But in the sim, I need the louder sound to give me the sense that I'm in a small, roaring, unstable contraption. Another example - the excellent PMDG DC-6 has a completely authentic touchdown sound, which means it's barely audible, because in the real aircraft, you can't hear the wheel strike over the sound of the engines. The problem is, though, that in the sim there's no physical vibration, which means you can't quite tell when you're on the ground. So an inaccurate, slightly louder sound would be helpful. For all those reasons... looking forward to an updated An-2 that rattles more of my teeth...
  2. Oh, of course. Didn't say they looked good or performed well, only that people got familiar with them. All part of the ongoing cycle: -- Demand feature -- Install feature -- Discover performance impact of feature -- Complain loudly that "[feature] turns my sim into a slideshow!" -- Upgrade hardware -- Complain about upgrade cost -- Demand feature... Now... where are the leaking windshields I've been hoping for?
  3. Agree with all the points about rain effects and immersion. There's one more thing - we had them once (in FS 2004) and lost them. So that helps drive demand, too. If we'd never experienced them and they were just an abstraction, there probably wouldn't be so many requests. It's not so much that we want them, as we want them back.
  4. Twin Otter Extended Extended?

    Am coming late to this thread, and I'm also just getting back to the Twin Otter the way I usually do after a bout of too much complexity. I'd love to see an update and I'd be glad to pay for it. Third-party GPS integration (Flight1 GTN series in particular) is my number-one request. Anything else would be gravy. Looking forward to hearing where Aerosoft comes out on this project.
  5. Douglas DC-8 preview

    Same here - same age, too. Eastern, KJFK-KMIA. Actually not sure that it was a -50 - I seem to remember it as a -61, but that was a long time ago (and early in my plane-spotting days). I'll be fine with an Eastern -50.. or any other -50. Looking forward to this project.
  6. It's a while now (since P3D v4) that I've flown an Aerosoft bus, so I'm answering from memory - and I hope that other more expert friends will step in and correct me where I'm wrong. As I understand Jeroen's question - the AS copilot is a bit different from an SOP-based add-on like FS2Crew, where there's strict division of labor and you execute your flow and the FO executes his or her flow. The AS version is at once more comprehensive and a bit more flexible - it gives you a little time to take care of your switchology, and then, if you haven't done it, does it for you. So you have the option of doing your flows, and then having the FO check your work - or sit back, focus on the big-picture tasks (programming the FMGC, flying the aircraft) and let the FO push all the buttons. My understanding is that it's probably less realistic than FS2Crew in representing task management (I could be wrong here - Frank and others, please advise)... but it's a lot more useful for sim flying in that you can decide how involved you want to get, and there's always backup if you miss something. I also like that I don't have to memorize a script, and if I drop back into the bus after a while away, I'm able to function in it. And the voicing is very nicely done. The best analogy I can think of is the flight engineer in the A2A Captain of the Ship airliners, who'll run the whole panel for you if you want, keep you informed, and defer to you if you want to override something. Hope this helps (and that it's accurate).
  7. Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    My god, how did I miss that?! Was that part of the original announcement, and I just scanned past it, or did Mathijis sneak it in later? In either case... SOLD!!! Fantastic news.
  8. Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    Fantastic news! I loved the old (and now seemingly abandoned) Annushka by Sibwings, and I've been missing it in P3D4. Just posted a link to Sim Outhouse, where there are some vocal AN-2 fans - one in particular who I think is going to be very happy.
  9. As this epic thread comes to an end, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who've kept it going - and who've kept the project going as well. I haven't been a major contributor, but I've gotten a lot out of following the conversation. And (professional opinion here) - a major shoutout to Aerosoft for handling a very difficult communications challenge with honesty, transparency and lots of good humor. This is how it should be done. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the CRJ support forums starting, I guess, tomorrow.
  10. Or maybe Mathijs is Gerald Moore...
  11. Makes sense - but not for all of us. My workday is more than challenging enough. In my (scarce) simming time, I'm happy to relax and get from point A to point B without undue excitement. Solid representation of the systems, yes. Alarms, diversions and late-night adrenaline rush, not so much. Oh, and before you write off modern commercial aviation as boredom, here's some recommended reading. Changed my mind, might change yours. A terrific book in any case.
  12. @Kihew - thanks, very helpful, I might need to give FS2Crew another try, maybe in the Q400, which needs extra hands, or in the Aerosoft buses, where it's possible to do a side-by-side-by-side of the native copilot, FS2Crew and Multi-Crew Experience. BTW, I see we started simming the same year (MSFS for Apple Macintosh, in my case). I don't want to divert this thread any more than I already have, so I'll exit by saying that I'll be eager to see what the A330 has to offer in the immersion department. Whenever it arrives, that is...
  13. Agreed. I find I also gravitate to the "crewed" A2A aircraft - the B-17, the B-377 and, I suppose, the future Constellation. They - along with the Aerosoft busses - seem to produce my most memorable flights. Immersion again. I don't feel that way about the third-pary crew add-ons, though - they're more task-oriented and I always wind up feeling that they're another thing, maybe the one thing too many, to manage. In this case, too, I get the appeal, but it's just not for me. @DaveCT2003 - immersion is an interesting subject in general, and probably doesn't get enough respect. I'd think it'd have to have its own kind of training value, though. In any case, definitely a personal priority.
  14. Wanted to take a moment to thank you for this post - it crystallizes something that's been on my mind, but that I haven't been able to put together on my own. From time to time I feel the pull toward the very complex "deep dive" sims. One reason I haven't succeeded with them is the obvious one - lack of time. But the other, which I realized after reading this, is that I don't want to make the compromises I'd need to run them. I've been thinking seriously about buying the FSL Bus, and it looks absolutely wonderful. But when I read about the recommended settings, it's a dealbreaker. I love flying in a fully populated world, with AI aircraft, road traffic, Henrik Nielsen's wonderful ships and a handful of detailed airports. I'm fascinated by aircraft systems and love authenticity - but not so much that I'm willing to turn everything else off. I can see why somebody would be so fascinated with every detail of the Bus that he or she would be willing to go the FSL route and fly it over a relatively barren world. But that's not me. So I'm grateful you guys get it, and that somebody out there is willing and able to take a balanced approach. Am currently finishing a migration from FSX:SE to P3D - will be installing your Busses this afternoon, and will be looking forward to your A330 when it lands.
  15. X-Plane 10 preview

    Understand completely about the complexity of the Katana and the difficulty of porting it over to X-Plane. But unless the Katana and some of the other complex aircraft (like A2A's) move over, I won't be abandoning FSX anytime soon. Happy to look at X-Plane, and in fact I've been exploring X-Plane 9 to get the feel for it, but right now I'd expect to use it in addition to, not instead of, FSX.