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  1. Anchorage glitches

    Just to make the small minority a little less small: same problem here ;-) Win10, P3DV4, no other mesh or afcad (which shouldn't affect the downtown area anyway), Orbx SAK.
  2. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Yes, but be aware that you have to update some of the FSAddon models to have them work in P3DV4. If I rememer correctly the updates are available on the RTMM page. I just thought it would be a nice addition to Anchorage Pro if the traffic would be included.
  3. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Thanks for the new afcad! I don't see seaplane traffic with UTL, there is traffic at the strip though. How about adding it's own seaplane traffic to Anchorage Pro? That would be awesome.
  4. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    Confirmed! Also the taxiway markings between the island and the Rust's Terminal are gone when this file is deactivated.
  5. Getting stranded on Lake Hood

    No, I don't think there is. I have the Aerosoft Twin Otter and the Milviz Beaver. Maybe Aerosoft gives you a free Twotter for testing Lake Hood? ;-)
  6. Because the other topic was closed despite the issue not being solved completely I have to open a new one: Around the western end of the island that separates the taxi lane from the takeoff / landing lane there are some spots where the floatplane gets stranded as if there was ground, not water. Also there are two yellow-black taxiway markings on the lake there, which probably is connected.
  7. The visible uneven water surface on Lake Hood is fixed with 1.02. But there still is a problem: Around the western end of the island that separates the taxi lane from the takeoff / landing lane there are some spots where the floatplane gets stranded as if there was ground, not water. There are even two yellow-black taxiway markings on the lake, which probably is connected to this problem.
  8. I have bathymetry turned off. And indeed it kind of looks like there is an elevated taxiway network on the lake. It becomes apparent at a mesh setting of 10m and higher (=higher detail).
  9. Using Anchorage Pro together with Orbx SAK I get a lot of "steps" on the water surface of Lake Hood, making it unusable for Floatplanes. The lake is flat when SAK is disabled. The SAK-option is activated of course.
  10. I would be satisfied with your current plan; in particular reading the Active Sky data will allow to use the historic weather by Active Sky.
  11. Very nice. I wonder if this feature could be expanded to offer the option to put any PDF file on that clip at the side window. That could be a checklist, a chart or whatever the user decides to load up to the Airbus. Just brainstorming here.
  12. Thanks a lot for the explanation! So do I understand correctly that in the upcoming version we will see the full shadow of the aircraft casted on the ground because you include a replication of the fuselage in the VC view? Whereas you did not do that in the previous version because it wasn't necessary for FSX and it wasn't added for the P3D version later on?
  13. Very nice to see the wingtips from the cockpit! Are only the wings added to the VC model or is there a basic rendition of the whole aircraft added to the VC model? As far as I understand this would affect the shadow of the aircraft which is visible from the VC. In the current version the VC model only consists of the cockpit itself so only the shadow of the cockpit can be seen from the VC but not the shadow of the rest of the aircraft. That looks quite weird and is maybe the only thing I dislike about the current Airbuses. How is this handled in the upcoming version?
  14. You can take these comparisons as a compliment because it shows that there are a lot of users who consider your Airbus might be the best product for them even though the other one obviously is the more in-depth simulation of the aircraft. And at least for me that is not only about the pricing. What is even more important to me is the performance in the sim. Even if my budget allows for the other product I can still consider your product to be the best for me if it gives higher FPS than the other one. Then I will have to look what features does the other one have that the Aerosoft Airbus lacks (of course there are also features of the Aerosoft Airbus which the other one doesn't have like FO functionality and shared cockpit) and if these are worth for me to have to turn down the sliders for scenery and traffic to have a smooth experience. I wouldn't want to give away all the eye candy the sim offers with scenery, high quality airports, weather and AI traffic just to spare these FPS for aircraft features I never use. I appreciate very much how frankly you communicate about your poduct here. Keep it coming.