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  1. Nice to see some updates regarding the airports at least. But I am a bit scared that this will be the usual way in the future. I really appreciate the work and the things needs to be fixed and changed due to the v4 and their new features included but from the screenshot shown - this doesn't look so much different. (Maybe a screenshot to compare would be nice to see differences ) I read that there will be a lot of rework done on Frankfurt. Does this mean also better/updated textures, more frame-rate friendly? Or only Dynamic lights? STRG+J gates were already included so its nothing new even though SODE is becoming mainly the standard in flight simulation (thanks for this!) But at the end: I cannot wait to depart our of Frankfurt in v4! With our without a update-fee.. *Edit was working here!*
  2. Barcelona X Evolution preview (released)

    In fact that I was there last year for 4 days- this looks really familiar to me! Good job!
  3. Might help or not: During my bus tour around MUC airport last weekend I got the possibility to take some iPhone photos of a Lufthansa Airbus A330-300 and have captured some details. BR Timm
  4. I really don´t know exactly who is responsible for the pushback of GSX. If it takes the data from the AFCAD or from its own data but for example on Gate B43 you can choose between Left and Right pushback. On C11 it pushs completely wrong. Who can maybe take a look on it?