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    If you like this effect so much, why not get a camera addon which will give it to you in all aircraft? EZDOK, Chaseplane, etc. do a very good job giving you these movements. As we said, we feel such effects should be something done by the simulator itself, but a camera addon will also give you a good alternative, don't you agree? (Plus that is is SO MUCH nicer to have the ability to look around by just holding the mousewheel down and moving the mouse rather than having to use a joystick button or pressing a keyboard button and moving the mouse!)
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    Rather a lot of customers have asked us to allow full free zoom and pan in all views and I just edited the files to allow that. Reluctantly because there is considerable clipping due to the position of those viewpoints...
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    While in some cases they bring some kind of improvment, all shader tweaks are known to cause more and more problems, so the simply recommendation is: do not use them.
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    Please have a look at the following topic:
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    Some issues with the last test build took a bit longer to resolve than I would have liked, but unless something else pops up we should be able to start testing a release candidate next week. Here's some more screenshots, this time during winter.
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    Thank you for protecting guys like myself. I had a post like 4 weeks ago and i received like 10 downvotes, thanks to everyone btw. My post was btw the reason why Mr Kok said it will come in two weeks. He told anybody to ignore it. That's his right of course. But we have "Meinungsfreiheit" in germany and i just said i, THINK this scenery will be released end of october. Btw i said that once again already back in june. What is wrong with that?Everybody knows i am whether working for aerosoft nor involved in the development. My assumption is a lottery. I think everybody shall know that. For Aerosoft this posts are a perfect way to measure how poeple want to buy a product like this one. If so many are crying for the release, just indicates: "I want it, no matter what" EVERYBODY WHO IS ASKING FOR RELEASE is nothing more than just a 80% potential buyer. Ah and thank you for all coming downvotes again. Bye
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    I've exactly 67 different liveries (european airlines) from various artist installed (dating back to 2013), all models and engine variants are covered and i don't have any problems at all. Installing manually is the method to go. My example config: [FLTSIM.X] title = British Airways Airbus A321 G-EUXG sim = A321 model = EXTIAE panel = sound = texture = British Airways G-EUXG kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id = G-EUXG atc_airline = SPEEDBIRD atc_flight_number = ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A321-231 IAE ui_variation = British Airways ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE atc_parking_codes = BAW description = Airbus A320-231 with 2 x IAE V2533-A5 / British Airways PLC / Aerosoft A320/A321 professional / www.aerosoft.com Always delete all old mainpanel_whatever.dds and texture.cfg, replace them with the new ones.
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    Certainly not three months!
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    I will again ask the project manager to get some statement.
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    Yesterday I noticed that a new version of both the busses was available. I removed both from my test and regular systems and followed the prescribed methodology for re-install. Once I had updated Navigraph I decided to re-test the previous flight again. Using the provided A320 Lufthansa CFM I set up at a gate at EGKK. Once again the flight plan for cruise at FL070 was entered manually with one intermediate waypoint (WTZ) between the CLNX4X SID for 26L and TUSMU Transition for ILS29. After everything was set up and the systems were active I checked both the MCDU values and those shown on the ND which generally seem to display the constraint values. I placed these values in a table to make it easier to review: Those values in red show where the MCDU displayed things differently than the ND and the underlying constraint values. Perhaps these apparently contrary display values are simply part of the weird and wonderful Aerosoft Airbus logic? Now on to the actual flight............ Following the fully managed with copilot procedures the takeoff went without a hitch. At a suitable altitude and before the first waypoint AP was turned on. The MCDU and ND were watched closely to see if any strangeness happened. The aircraft passed KKW02 above 1500, KKE09 above 3200 and held at 4000 before KKE11. After KKE11 it climbed and maintained 5000 @ 250kias. After DET it climbed to 6000. At CLN it climbed to 7000 and held until TOD Descent and landing were normal. The SID profile was flown as expected and nothing strange (for me anyway) happened. It appears that the changes to the coding have corrected the previously encountered behaviour. Thanks for the fixes !
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    We know "its being developed" - OLD news! I think it is not too much to ask for a 1 or 2 sentence progress update of sorts. If nothing else, so we can pray for their recovery from cancer or the bubonic plague or whatever is preventing a simple courtesy. My tone fits the situation perfectly because of this statement on December 23, 2017: If they never said an update was forthcoming, especially in weeks, not months, not years, then surly the community (I certainly) would give them some more space, but an explanation is at the minimum, good business practice. Maybe PMDG's Global Operations product is in the mix, maybe they are waiting for AS A330 or they would rather tour Europe IRL, who knows - NOT us customers. Whatever the reason, courtesy has been flushed down the toilet. Respect must be mutual or it does not exist at all. Aerosoft is better and knows better than this.
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    Yes! Sehr schön, hoffentlich kann Vagar bereits in diesem Herbst / Winter in X-Plane angeflogen werden? Interessanter könnte das Wetter nicht sein...
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    Based on some advice I had seen given on another forum, I decided to create a nVidia Inspector (NI) profile for P3D to help out with the anti-aliasing and removing some shimmering. As I typically run 4xMSAA, I added the setting for 4x SSGA to NI. Everything seemed to work well, until I eventually found that this was causing problems with the ECAM displays on Airbus (all models I tried). Specifically, the text all seemed to appear fine, but the EPR/EGT/N1/APU/etc rings/arcs/whatever you call them were all missing. Removed the NI modifications and everything runs fine. Needless to say, it's not worth the improvement, if there even is one - that was about the extent of my testing! Of course it figures that I didn't think to take a screenshot. Just wondering if anybody else has tried this and/or found a way to make it work? I certainly don't rule out the possibility that I tried something fundamentally wrong!
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    Yes I understand that. That was the thing taken into account in the original post. No worries and I think it will make a great overview
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    Good point Lennart, I'll see if we can come up with something. Be aware though that most projects are "90% finished" while being just 50% through the development cycle. Or in other words, even though a roadmap might look like a project is close to completion the bugfixing phase can take ages. That's why we are usually a bit cautious with exact details. Users will just not know how to interpret them.
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    is it possible for you to make like a little road map of what work is ahead for the A330 to release (Like : Finishing the Gear bay's...) ? While I know that things can change in the schedule maybe a road map would give us patient waiters something to hold on and would make us really happy
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    I agree competition is good but here we are with so many airports missing in the world (Hawaii...hint hint) just because developers dont communicate, something that would benefit everyone. People are naturally free to purchase the version they prefer but I would be surprised if anyone would select anything but Orbx after seeing those pictures. With that option the customer not only gets Kiruna but also Borlange Dala airport as well as a not yet revealed bonus airport. Three for the price of one! I just cant honestly get the decision of this Kiruna developer. Mike
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    This is NOT an internal development. When the time comes we'll tell what developer is behind this. And should there be another version being done, why complain, competition is always good for the customer!
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    And Aerosoft does it again! Starts developing an airport that's already being developed by one of the best scenery developers...
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    You don't have to be such a Dog use the link above, I was only trying to help. dummy. I have used this and it is working great for me boozo
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    If someone follows your guidance they will end up with a NON-FUNCTIONING simulator. Now if you are so clever, YOU tell US why, and how to fix it...? And if not, bugger off, you're no use as a modifier. And a danger to your fellow simmer. I'm getting right sick of these cretinous clones repeating others duff advice. Anyone else think it's time for a lynching?
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    Hey guys, I'm currently working on the lighting of my FSX simulator to which I want to change the ENB around. I am happy with my current settings, but REX Natural makes cockpits too dark really use. Is there any other good palette out there, or is that the most realistic one, as I'm sure the Do228 and Mooney M20F does not look this dark in reality! ---------------------------------------------------------- Check out my YouTube Channel for more Simulator and Gaming content! https://www.youtube.com/c/drawyahgames?sub_confirmation=1
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    Maybe... There's no definitive answer in the exciting world of software development. Maybe it does and maybe it doesn't. No one can say for sure. Keep an eye on this topic to stay up to date.
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