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Ibiza X Evo + Mallorca X Evo vs Balearic Islands X

Christopher Barbas

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Just to clarify:

Ibiza X Evolution contains the islands of Ibiza and Formentera, including the airport of Ibiza (Formentera has no airport).

Mallorca X Evolution contains only the island of Mallorca, including the airports of Son Sant Joan (the main airport of Mallorca) and Son Bonet (the old airport which is now used for general aviation only).

So if you have only those two sceneries, you won't have Menorca and its two airports (the main airport and the old airport which, like Son Bonet on Mallorca, is now also used for general aviation only). In order to have them, you still have to buy Balearic Islands X.

Or you have to buy, as you said, Menorca X, right.

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