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Dear Tapatalk Users

Tom A320

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I would like to kindly ask you for a favor: change your tapatalk signature, at least a little bit.

There are lots of tapatalk users in the forum, and don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that.

The thing that really annoys is the signature. I mean this: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

By default it follows directly after the last character of the post, without any proper visual separation from the content of it. 

Lets assume someone answers "Yes" or "No" in a post, the rest of the line is filled with the signature. Or the post consists of many sentences, not separated by a linefeed, and the last sentence is the signature.

One is constantly reading into this sort of commercial. That is of course wanted by tapatalk, but not really wanted by the readers of your posts.

For example:



So, please change your signature within tapatalk (Settings - Tapatalk Signature). Either delete it completely or at least add a line feed at the beginning to get a proper visual separation from the content of your posts afterwards.

In my opinion there is no need for such a signature in the first place, as the forum comes with it's own signature (Settings - Account Settings - Signature). This is added to all of your posts, regardless if being made via tapatalk or in a web browser.

So if you want to place something below all of your posts, this is the much better choice. And it is actually clearly separated from the content of your post below it, and not without any visual separation beside it.

You really do all other users of the forum a huge favor by modifying your tapatalk signature ;)


Before the new forum version I also used tapatalk nearly solely for reading and writing. Since then I don't use it at all anymore, as the new website is responsive and works perfectly on my smartphone and tablet. So I don't have the need for tapatalk any more. Maybe you just give that a try as well...


Thanks for reading this post.

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Good point Tom, recently Tapatalk forced an update (at least on my iPhone). I had to set up everything from scratch, and I observed the TT signature was activated, even if I did not have it active before on the previous version. Cheers,

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