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Another newbie question.


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Sorry for the questions.

I just bought this and really love it.  Flying it now as I type this.

I have the checklist set to "Failures and enhanced icing enabled" OFF.

Yet on takeoff I had an engine go out on me.  I was going easy on it but it failed.

So my question is how do I repair it?  I can't find anything in the manuals on this.

Very good manuals by the way.

Also, is there a list of failures?


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Same answer for me, no way. And I think there isn't any failures list. The Twin Otter responds to all the other standard planes, even it has some extra features as icing! Verify your failure menu and options in FSX in case of you've turn some options ON...

Good luck.

PS: I don't want to lower the T O's simulation level; correct me if I'm wrong; it's a very nice airplane for sure.

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