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Night Environment Updates


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Hi guys,

Its great to see the latest updated versions of Night Environments ( V1.7 and V2.0) are now being released and updated.

I know its the responsibility of the site I purchased the software from to keep our files updated. However could links be made available in another way as some online stores can get busy and updating their files may not be given a priority that is as fast as it could be.

As the wrapper/ser no system is aerosofts own then we can still validate our installs in the correct and legitimate way even if our downloads came from another source.

Please consider this guys.



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you need to be little more clear,

Graham cannot get the original store he ordered from; to update to the latest NE regions builds available,

for existing regions he has already purchased; could they be registered here and somehow be made available for him to download through Aerosoft manager?

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