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  1. When I posted earlier simarket have the update I downloaded it and it was the updated version. People who say it's not are mistaken I'm afraid. Graham
  2. Apparently it's now updated. Go get it guys Graham
  3. Simmarket are at present in denial. I opened a ticket with them. They told me to use the Aerosoft updater which obviously doesn't update this app..Then they were forwarding my ticket to the vendor even when I said I'd already contacted the vendor. Go figure :( Graham
  4. AAh I see, Thanks very much Graham
  5. Where exactly do I get the latest update from. Auto installer will not update this time. Can't find it in Aerosoft support and simmarket doesnt seem to help much. Graham
  6. C:\P3D5 Addons\Sim-wings Barcelona Professional V5\add-on.xml folder does not exist! *** This product will be ignored! *** C:\P3D5 Addons\Milan Malpensa Professional V5\add-on.xml folder does not exist! *** This product will be ignored! *** They are there and checked they are there. Any suggestions Graham All good now something made a backup of the xml file and invalidated it. You can if you wish delete this post Graham
  7. Hi, Is there a way to group sceneries into countries so I can open the program and de activate all the countries I am not flying in. This option was available in scenery config editor and worked well. I know about scenery spacers but this would mean reordering the scenery layers I imagine. Thanks Graham
  8. Do we need an update or will this work without, Thanks Graham
  9. Im not sure if you even have the product but it doesn't even install to the folder you mention in p3dv5 (ecosystem) Graham
  10. Even with the latest version ending .0003 I still have red crosses at my gates at Geneva. Its driving me crazy. The addon doesn't add itself to p3dv5. So I add it manually. ( what else can i do ) Here is the addon.xml created. It doesn't look right <?xml version="1.0"?> <SimBase.Document id="add-on" version="4,0" Type="AddOnXml"> <AddOn.Name>Aerosoft Geneva Professional</AddOn.Name> <AddOn.Description>Airport scenery for Geneva Airport by Pad-Labs. Publisher: Aerosoft</AddOn.Description> <AddOn.Component&
  11. I dont seem to have a sode folder in my install. Is this a separate download Graham
  12. So..... today a new build was released .0002 . Great at lst we will have a working version . . . . but then . . . Now we have no jetways at all. Will we ever get this scenery fixed. Graham
  13. Thanks Tom, Sadly I've had to do this already with several products. I know its a strange busy time for us all but simmarket do seem to be getting a bit sloppy. Graham
  14. I see in the shop its compatible and being sold for p3dv5. My download file at simmarket doesn't replect this. Does that mean we have to purchase again Graham
  15. They have a control panel. Every time I start it up it looks like sode is not selected even though I have selected it several times. On a side note Oliver, I remember all the freeware scenery you used to develop in my early simming days . . .thankyou ! Graham
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