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Engine 1/2 and APU sound looping

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Negative this is only related to sound, when engine 2 and 1 are started (order not important) the start up sound, up to self sustained RPM roughly 30% N2 ends, then plays again from the beginning (loops) for 2-3 seconds before the next sound file for engine light up begins).

I shall now translate what is happening into numbers.

So up to 30%N2 or up to end of APU start.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10


What is actually happening

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 1, 2, 10


This is telling me that the duration for the engine start until 30%N2 and the APU start up duration is longer than the assigned sound which is why the sound or sound file plays again (loops) from start up for 2-3 seconds before moving onto the next file for engine start, in the case of the APU, then before sounding normal again.

This is only the sound and not the actual engine start up sequence.

I hope you understand what I mean, and if not I shall post a YouTube video of almost any v1.2 and above video of an engine start and you will hear the looping.

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I seem to remember that this have been reported many times previously, but we always got the message that the sounds wouldn't be reworked?

I have the same problem with the IAE engines and have had it since before service pack 1.30.

I am running FSX on Windows 7. and it occurs in all the variants of the Airbus with the IAE configuration.

If you decide to look in to and resolve this then oh my god, thank you so much ! :)

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4 hours ago, The Dude said:

Ofcourse it is, v1.31 was mainly an update to make the Airbus P3D V3 compatible. No major bugfixing was done, this is reserved for SP4.

I am aware, and i am not trying to be negative in any way about this :)

i just wanted to let you know what i experienced, seeing the fact that fixing some problems in the code sometimes resolves something else without it being the intention in the first place (e.g. all the other issues you resolved with V1.31)

Furthermore there have been a new sim in between the hotfixes which could have changed things but din't.

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Out of all the bugs these busses have encountered I think the sound looping on engine start is the number 1 most annoying bug there is. But look on the bright side, it would probably be worse to hear a loop in any other stage of flight to be honest.

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