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  1. We both went off topic, I believe he was referring to many airlines that operate the A320 family, BA, EasyJet, Turkish Airlines etc when time allows and conditions are right all perform single engine taxis out and in religiously.
  2. I know you can skip items on the checklist but you can't skip the before engine start checklist which was what I was referring to, i'm not sure what you mean by n-1 and it's relationship to rolling resistance?
  3. No noo don't use the word single engine, I've been declined twice now, I want to see if aerosoft could maybe allow the checklist to continue or skip the engine start process without causing problems. Litraully a skip function would be a dream come true ! I'm fully aware that this subject is off topic as it relates to the A320 family, but I think... I've been a member long enough to know that the right people to agree with me on this read this preview often lol, with no intention of disrespecting this preview page :-)
  4. Would it be possible to skip an engine start so that the checklist can continue, I think you may know where i'm going with this as my other request was declined...
  5. Andy320

    Destination estimated times

    I haven't flown the buses for quite a while but I will soon get back to flying them, I noticed this much more when flying across the pond with the A318s, I believe the aerosoft buses calculate the time using nautical ground miles rather than nautical air miles, in basic words calculating the time without wind prediction etc (soon to come in the update), now I can't remember if this was the only cause, but it did play a huge part in the discrepancy. Simbrief and PFPX will calculate fuel using nautical air miles so it will account for the wind data it recieves from your route.
  6. Aerosoft are modelling paper work in their A330 so it's not off topic, it was nice to read peoples thoughts and experiances regarding paper work, It's the small things that aren't commonly spoken about that make this forum very interesting to read such as paper work to be very honest lol.
  7. Every airbus I've been in before pushback this practice is normal, in fact it's very organised and very efficient to use things such as the throttles to hold paper work. I found it funny to see these BA pilots topping up on the news before departure from Sofia, sort of gave a very relaxed boarding experience as a passenger.
  8. Looks like I won't need to be livery hunting for a while :-) G-VKSS.
  9. The funny thing is I wrote an essay too, please forgive me.
  10. Beyond you O_O woe not good, not good, let's bring that closer to you. I'm sure the majority of people in this forum are not A330 pilots, and their experience with real A330 sounds are most likely going to be related to the cabin, right? The cabin is where the higher percentage and most beautiful sounds are produced by the A330 meaning there is a good chance that people's favourite sounds not being heard in the flightdeck. So "Why people want virtual cabins is beyond me" is probably because that's all they've experianced, I do hope you are beyond it and it not beyond you now lol happy flying ;-)
  11. If I remember correctly, last year this was planned.