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  1. vysous

    Excessive Fuel use

    Can everyone check the predicted UTC times for waypoints? Mine was also completely off (not just estimated EFOB). I had a discontinuity after last waypoint, and also a complete nonsense UTC prediction after this discontinuity (like 8 hours on 80nm distance). Cannot this be a cause? (I have no idea how EFOB predictions are actually calculated).
  2. vysous

    Excessive Fuel use

    Dear Aerosoft, I can confirm (Active Sky used for weather input). Hovewer, I have noticed another strange thing - maybe this is somehow related. Notice a very strange difference of UTC times between DUDNI waypoint and my destination CYYC (they are 80nm apart, see the ND). Best, Jan
  3. Did my test today with experimental. Everything looked fine pressure-wise (some unrelated LNAV issues, though :)).
  4. Thanks. I will give it a try tomorrow. I have my suspects - GSX boarding and pullback was a little chaotic, so maybe some door control issue happened somewhere. No promises though (you know, two kids and all... :-)) Have a good evening, Jan
  5. Where do I find experimental? I am using the stable one provided by AS updater. Thanks, Jan
  6. Just happened to me with 1.2.5 version. I believe something just got messed up as I also could not engage the autopilot (PFD modes were fine). A319 CFM, some EasyJet repaint found on this forum.
  7. Dear Aerosoft, I hope I just did not missed something in the manuals or the forum here. I found out that keyboards on all 2D versions of MCDU (especially the "third one") are not backlit at night (in fact they are generally quite dark, even their displays). Is this normal behavior? They are illuminated in VC and perfectly readable. Thank you, with kind regards, Jan
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