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major issue with trottle handling/ficition on the ground Twin Otter Extended..


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Hi Experts,

I just purchased the Twin Otter Extended and have major issue handling the power setting/Throttle/frictions on the

Ground. (Issue seems to be same on every airport whatever add-on or default fsx airport).

I have now spend almost 8 hours to read forum/tips /trick to fix this issue. Seems a lot have had these issues

in the past.

Current issue:


1. Needs a lots of power... almost "full" before the aircraft will even start to move.

2. Get in/out of beta range is a nightmare. (Engine are spooling up and down and I must be on the brakes..

If not the aircraft will start to takeoff or start reversing). Very difficult to handle on the ground, I normal use Active Sky Next.

Nevertheless, for my entire attempt to fix I have disable ASN during attempts to fix this issue. I owned the Twin Otter X before I buyed this Aircraft, but have never had these major issue with the old one. (what have change ?)

What I have tried to fix these issues:


- calibrated axis/throttle many times.. (Both with fsuipc and default fsx axis)

- Fsuipc, tried a lot of tricks without help.

- Accu-feels v2 tuning,..

- even tried Install on an old pc with only default FSX Acc, even its "lacking" it seems to be same issue on that

Pc as well, need almost full power before it will move..

I do not expect anyone to solve this right now, but any good advice or a manual or anything would be

very nice. Any comments will be appreciated as well.

( Someone in a forum told there was a complete guide with all tweks to try, but have not been able to

find that one)

My second issue:


Actually also have issue with installing new livery, are there some livery manual somewhere?

(According to some forum tread, it is just drag and drop into the livery manager, but it fails with

Error message "bad format" even if I try to install liveries that was delivered with this aircraft,




Upset Twin Otter E. pilot..

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  • Deputy Sheriffs

No need to be upset!

1. Deactivate Accufeel. Unfortunately It infuences many aircrafts in a bad way.

2. The file "AS_TWIN-OTTER-X-EXTENDED_FSX_P3D_PAINTKITS" is not a repaint, but a file set to make repaints, so no wonder that you get an error message.

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  • Developer

I use Accufeel V2 with the Twin Otter and see no issues on my end.

Here are my Accufeel V2 settings for the Twin Otter:


Try this:

  • First ensure that the Prop levers are fully forward.
  • Release brakes.
  • Gradually apply throttles and give the aircraft time to start moving.
  • You should not need a higher torque setting than: 10 ft/lbs.
  • Be aware that engine spool-up is slow.
  • As soon as it starts moving retard power to a setting that gives between 5 (idle) and 10 ft/lbs.

If You advance the throttles too fast and too much, then it will run away from You.


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Thanks Finn, seems I need to study my axis`s/sw in more deph..or maybe I have some issues with my fsuipc

or throtte device/calibratition. (little strange because I have only pmdg/majestic/old twin otterX as addon

plane and they have been working fine for many years)

I have tryed to installed accu-feel_v2 on my old pc and it seems to be working much better now, No need for full

power now.. :-). But I still need to figure out how to tweak the in/out of beta range since it seems to be very

sensitive in that area.

On My old PC I only have these sw installed

- fsx acc.

- Twin otter Extended

- and now accu-feel v2

btw : are there a livery manager manual aviable ?



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