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Mathijs Kok

Change log

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Some people asked about a more detailed change log (note that the 1.1.05 version is not yet released)

- 1.00 Online release
- 1.1.03 First update
Fixed some ILD Offset problems (like at EDDM)
Fixed some SID problems with waypoints close to runway (like at LFRB
Added Framerate limiter includes to avoid very high CPU load
Changed Some colors (to separate departures from arrivals)
Multiplayer increased stability
- 1.1.04 Fixes some problems resulting from the 1.03 update
Fixed a CTD problem created by the 1.04 update
Fixed disabled End session button
Fixed loading error for some airports like KBOS or CYYZ
- 1.1.05 Pending updated, being tested
Fixed runway alignment (for example at FAOR) causing aircraft to land next to the runway
Fixed SID problem causing aircraft to go in holding (for example at LZIB)
Fixed departure problem at KLAX
Fixed problem with aircraft descending below ground (for example at EDDH)
Added SID/STAR indication in aircraft tab
Changed vectors show true heading now and their length is based on GS not IAS.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.