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Captain actions vs Co-pilot

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A request if it's possible to enhance realism at AXE.

There are many things which must be captain doing and co-pilot do instead captain, just a little example, the captain table, if is extended on take-off, the co-pilot stow captain table, is completely unreal.

My suggestion is captain do captain actions (PF, we), and co-pilot do his actions (AAX copilot, PNF) and doesn't do captain actions.

Or maybe can be a option in right mcdu?

I thinks it's a very good thing.

It's possible?

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Hi Chirag,

you as the PF can stow your table by yourself......... Only if it is not done then the copilot / checklist does it for you ......



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you can set the F/O to 'inactive', so she just reads the C/Ls - then the items have to be done by yourself.

The 'active' F/O is probably meant to assist users new to the Airbus - I guess it's not supposed to be strictly CRM/CCC.

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