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Can not start Checklist......??

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Just download 1.15. Uninstalled previous version. Did a cleanup everywhere to remove all old files, including My Documents/Aerosoft.

Installed 1.15 and also installed the fix HF_18_APFWB.

Start FSX, select the Airbus Extended. Select Airport, time and so on. Then press Fly Now.

The panel state is TurnAround. But when I try to activate the Checklist they are all Greyed out.

What is the problem. I am a programmer/developer so you can be very technical. Very used to fiddle around with files.

And I know all about FSX file structure.




Per Welander


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Try to load a default aircraft and then switch to the AXE.

Thanks mopperte, it worked. Just went through Cockpit prep list.

Anyway a little strange, this have worked in all previous versions. I mean load the bus from start.

But this is OK. I know now how to activate it.

Next step is a little test flight. :)


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