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  1. OK that makes sense. Manual must be updated about many things I think.
  2. In the map window and displays high level winds there are some numbers that makes no sense to me, what do they mean Both are from same location. Can not find it in manual Wind FL200, flag means 50-55 knot northWest but 24? Here wind 75 knot northwest but 65? Was not around in ver 1
  3. David Is there somewhere a kind of News/changes web or so about changes with navigation things, like SVD replaced with ERNOV? Would be nice to have instead of being mad and frustrated when things does not work and you wonder why.
  4. OK thanks, Why I wrote that I could not release flight is that I have in ver. 1 always used the little button right above the plan window that means something like "next thing to do" and now in 2.03 that one was ok until I pressed Compute Flight. I ends with a Validation only option and after pressing that one the next one Release is disabled. So I was a little angry when I wrote this thread. I could not Release my flight, but...... After looking around after calmed down I found the far left Button in the tools at the top that said Release 😀 and it was active even if the Validation failed. I have the 1809 AIRAC so that is the answer that SVD have been replaced. Validation complained about that SVD was not a part of N872 Will get the latest from Navigraph. Thanks a lot David and data63 So everything is OK for now. I like the new version and think I will try out my flights from now on with Validation and see if I can pass them. One more challenge then just planning
  5. I have made it around those validation errors. Can release flights now. I wanted to go via SVD and SVD1A star , it works now And thank you alpha177 for the very polite answer
  6. Validation in 2.03 seems to be a big mess. I can not create a flight between ESSA EKCH, no matter what route i plan it fails in Validation and prevents me from releasing it. Even the auto find route fails. Is there a way to turn off validation? If not I will go back to 1.19 that worked ok and no stupid validations stopping me.
  7. That marker is that the little arrow pointing up? Must be Where are the options for the warning colours? Can not find it!!??
  8. After a long time with 1.19 that have worked very good I decided to test 2.03 and found this that I can not find anything about in the manual. It is the Airport Data window, right click on an airport select Airport Data at bottom then select Weather & Notams on the right side. What does the line with digits in upper right corner mean, different colors also at different airports. Also sometimes the weather info is marked with Red color. Can someone explain it all or direct me to some info about it.
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