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Problem with the ILS at ENVA


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Just bought the Trondheim scenery and seems to be a problem with the ILS approach. Have only tried runway 27 so far but although I have the correct approach course set as well as the ILS freq the ILS never comes alive in the NGX.

I found this -> http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/53177-enva-ils-issue/ old thread but since it was now locked and no solution was presented in that thread I start this new one.

I did notice a suggestion was to try the default FSX 737 but even if that would work that is not a solution since I do all my flying in the NGX and it's working perfectly fine for all other airport I have and I have lots of them mostly from you guys at Aerosoft so this problem is not with the NGX in itself but specific to this airport scenery.

Thanks in advance for your help how to fix this issue.

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Ok, that's strange because as I said in my post above I only see this problem at this airport and I'm not the first one looking at the thread I linked in my first post. I have 25+ add-on airport most from you guys and the ILS works just fine everywhere except for here and flying the NGX.

Well...will ask about it over in the NGX forum as well then if you say it's related to the NGX since it's working in the default Cessna.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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