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Question about engine failures


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could you please give me a little information what it takes to "boil" the oil?

I have tried now (not too long), to destroy the bird (sorry for that :rolleyes: ), but was not able to do this.

Even when I set OAT to over 40 degree C, I can fly with full power and the oil is not moving into the red zone.

Or how long does it take?

Also at which RPM could we expect a failure? (which RPM how long in time?)

As Generator failure is described in the manual: is this modelled?

Does Cyl Head Temp (and overtemp) has any effect?


Ah, ok suddenly as I was writing here I had an engine failure.

But unfortunately I can't say, why: was it due to engine over RPM (was flying at full throttle all the time) or was it due to high cyl head temp?

Hope you could enlighten me a bit!

many thanks!


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Maybe it is as in real life... - it breaks when it breaks... ;-)

As you are aware there is always a quantum of good or bad luck involved... - some guys fly with almost no oil at max revs and survive, other always treat their bird by the books and stall with a broken engine half a mile away from the threshold of the runway... :big_boss_s:

...but I appreciate your asking nonetheless! :lightbulb_s:

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Not sure if it is an good idea to reveal...

But overreving is when You get past 2700 RPM for a couple ore more minutes

While You can get an failure with too high oil temperature, it´s honestly a bit academic, since the Robin engine is cooled rather well, if not too well.

Under ISA conditions it hardly passes 50°C


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The idea behind is, to fly it according to its limitations ;-)

Yes, yes ^_^

But for me it is essential for "the right feeling" to know that there really something happens; and I will try that out in the first days of course.

Otherwise I could buy Carenado planes :P

Under ISA conditions it hardly passes 50°C

ok, that's what I wanted to know.

But must be a really, really good cooling when flying with an OAT over 45 C to get this engine not hot?

Could this be?

Sorry for bringing up the question about the Cyl Head Temp:

does it have any effect?

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