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CumulusX! on final

Peter Lürkens

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Hello friends of virtual soaring!

I'm glad to announce that CumulusX! 1.9 is on final approach. Manuals are ready and beta testing is ongoing.

The main new features are:

  • Precipitation effects: Thermal presence is now affected by rain, drizzle, or snow. Aircraft will have exta sink depending on strength of rain
  • Better compatibility with FSRECORDER: Disable lift maintains now all visuals of thermal situation but leaves control entirely to FSRECORDER so smoothness problems and side effects as ground-wash in mid-air are gone
  • Smoothness of lift in ground proximity has been improved
  • Better model for thermals in proximity of slopes or summits

    And in licensed mode (or in the demo area):

    • Smooth cloud shadows
    • Birds in thermals everywhere (or only in blue thermals, or only the strong ones, or both)
    • A wing-levelling helper on start-roll of SmartTow

    The picture below shows a comparison of the previous cloud shadows and the new fuzzy shadows:


    This is a shot of an encounter with birds:


    I expect that the release will still be before Christmas,

    best regards,


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