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Are there any news regarding further development of CumulusX!?


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Sorry for answering a bit late. Yes, CumulusX! development is going on indeed. In the next release (definitely before X-mas), you will find this:

1) Thermal clouds cast smooth shadows (licensed mode only)

2) Precipitation effects (c.f. table below)

3) Wing level assistant on start-roll of aero-tow (in combination with "Smart Row". The person is invisible, though)

and also a couple of not very obvious bugs were fixed.

Unfortunately I failed so far to include also birds in thermals which some users suggested. FSX behaves pretty weird, when using the birds from the scenery library, attached to some AI object, and I dind't find a solution for that, yet.

Wave lift has not made significant progress, I regret. The associated effects have turned out many more than initially anticipated While there is in the meantime a quite useful algorithm for the pure lift, a solution for the clouds (namely determining their position effectively) and rotor effects is not there yet.

I didn't make up my mind on the appropriate FSX weather conditions to trigger waves. In real life, mountain waves occur when certain temperature and/or wind gradients are present in the atmosphere in combination with a sufficient wind background. However, more sophisticated atmosphere data is usually very unreliable in FSX and do most of the time not correlate to the displayed weather sitution (e.g. cloud heights vs. dew point etc.).

best regards and stay tuned,




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That's certainly good news Peter!!!! The new cloud shadows also look a lot better!!!

I am using Cumulusx! together with AS2012. I disable the AS2012 internal thermal / ridge lift / sink options and use it only for the cloud cover, winds and temperature. The combinations results very well :-)

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Hi Ian,

The positions are more or less correct (using the same algorithm than for the irradiation at thermal triggers) but not exactly the same as the FSX shadows. Yet, the still don't stick exactly to ground, expecially in the hillside, but with a special trick in the visual model the "flying pancake effect" is mostly avoided.



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