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Space Sim?

Israel Ponte

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Hi guys,

For some days I'm being more and more impressed by Spacecrafts, Shuttles, Rockets and stuff...

So I went on searching for a good Space Sim (let's call it Space Sim)...

What I found was parts of my wishes distributed on many sims... Some of them have a better graphics but a poor physics engine, other have great shuttle systems configured but poor graphics, for example...

Well, I know there's an specific topic for that but, I'd like to suggest Aerosoft one thing:

Why don't you guys develop a great Space Sim? You guys are the best addon/sim developers I've ever seen. I'm sure you would make a great work on that, and that the FSX customers would at least be interested on being a costumer of that product too. :D

For this I would suggest:

- Graphics quality as your addons on FSX have;

- Shuttle operations (well modeled operational systems, good 3d model, ISS attachment)

- Saturn V/Apollo based vehicles (Saturn V launcher/Apollo Lunar Module) // I suggested those 2 because they already worked, so it's not necessary to theorize about what would be a plane to mars for example (I won't discuss here if apollo happened... you got what I meant without getting on this discussion)

- Transfers (tranfers short tutorials included, graphical transfer planning interface)

- Simulation based on the person (possibility to walk on the plane or outside the plane)

- Good physics model

I'd like to know what other Aerosoft Forum users think... Is it a good idea? Would you like it? What would you like to have on a product like this in case Aerosoft guys wanna do it/think it's possible to do it? :D

Please excite yourselves with this image: :D


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I'll take a look on it Mathjis! Seems like great Stuff!

It promises a good physics model if I understood correctly... The graphics and modeling things are easier things to work on... Well, I'll take a look first them I'll tell anything :D

The most serious space sim I know of is Orbiter ;)

I'll also check orbiter out thanks :D

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Hint hint, nudge nudge???? LOL


Well I would be happy with a Saturn V/Apollo and a Space Shuttle I hope someday, some great Simulation company invest on it LOL

Aaaand NASA has published the entire Space Shutlle manual on its website (EDIT: http://titleofmagazine.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/390651main_shuttle_crew_operations_manual.pdf )! It's possible to make a great Shuttle :D

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Agreed! Space Shuttle Simulator is indeed great! Very realistic...

But has a steep learning curve... Requires you, to read and understand a lot of theoretical stuff if you have to fly it properly!

But once that's done - It's a really great sim!

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Hi Israel,

Check out this one: http://www.space-shuttle-mission.com/.

Of all the ones i've tried, it's by far the best and most realistic.

Orbiter is great for exploring the universe, this one is excellent ti simulate the Shuttle.

I love that feeling taht i'm gonna crash on the glide-in, after many hours of a sucessfull mission...

Have fun.


Yeah it's great! But its graphics are not good enough and it doesn't allow transfer or other types of spacecrafts... I got the demo! It's marvelous! I'm waiting for the next version to buy it.

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