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YEKATERINBURG - Which Download for FSX?


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Just picked up Yekaterinburg - from the download options, there are 3 files, but no indication which is the FSX and which is the FS9 downloads. I assume that AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip is it - but can someone confirm.

(yes, aware that I would find out when I run the installer - but would prefer the skip the trial and error and the chance that both 9 and X are in the same installer and one of the downloads is the updated version!)



From site:

"Download your products here: Aerosoft - Yekaterinburg X (1.01(FSX),1.01(FS9))

Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-2012.zip)

Download (Mirror 3 - USA) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-2012.zip)

Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip)

Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-PREPAR3D.zip) "

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Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) (AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip) I'm sure that is this file :)

Thanks for the reply! Will give it a run!



Confirmed by install: AS_YEKATERINBURG-X.zip is it - the X is a good clue!

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